The fourth sign of the zodiac are addressed to those whose day of birth falls between June 22nd and July 23rd. They are ruled by the Moon, known as a facet of the Great Mother. The Cancer bears the symbol of the crab, meaning they are thick-skinned, hard-minded, and are under the element of water. Those born under the Moon’s influence are said to not be sensitive, but are prone to change, easily influenced, and can flake out on their opinions and beliefs. They like to roam, like to be employed publicly, but cannot easily stay in one line of business or place, as exploring is their preference. Cancers are also rumored to be great writers and succeed in journalism and own a widely-known news establishment. They are under the influence of yin; meaning they are negative. They do not associate well with Gemini, Libras, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Aries. Cancers are family-orientated and were born to nurture and be nurtured. Cancers are natural mothers and love the closeness of their offspring especially as an infant. Cancers are often known well to be close with their mothers and rejoice in parental roles. Out of the remaining nine, the water signs; Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces tend to dwell in their emotions. The cancer folk are easy to succumb to mood-swings and anxiety. Cancers have a knack for money management and can be a bit shrewd when it comes to managing it. A Cancer’s blind spot is that they are often moody and unforgiving. A Cancer can take their grudge to their grave and beyond. Their memory serves them right and they can forgive with a push but will never forget. Their motto is ‘resent and remember’ rather than ‘forgive and forget’. Even after an event is long forgotten, they might still dwell on the matter and dig deeper than the core. Their weakest health issues are their stomachs; frequent nausea, stomach ulcers, heartburns, and indigestion.

Cancers tend to conceal their feelings rather than share; if push comes to shove they will unload a lot. They can be highly sensitive and touchy. At their worst they tend to be ‘crabby’ hence the Cancer’s crab. They have a hard shell but if hit close to home they can tend to be a lot to handle. Despite their emotional fits they are extremely loyal and take disloyalty to be a great fault to them.

A good quote for the Cancer is “Common sense is not so common” by Voltaire because they too are able to see the lack of common sense in most actions made.

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