For astrology, this planet was discovered in 1781 by William Herschel.  For some, this planet is known as a planet of a something suddenly disruptive, this is because it broke a group of seven.  The significance of Uranus and seven associated with spiritual beliefs. The belief of seven and the order of seven planets made it gain this negative trait.  If you believe Uranus is influencing you, it is not strange for you to be someone who is creative or ‘goes solo’.   You also may not take a liking to how things are currently; there must be a new idea.  This poor unrecognized planet for its time has also been seen to have some relation with US history.  Could it be that it was a coincidence for the planet to be in the rising sign of Gemini when the Declaration of Independence signed?  Or when the year before the Civil War that it returned to Gemini?  Even later in 1942, there was a World War and the U.S.A was involved, the sign was Gemini again. What is more unusual about this is the fact that there was a conjunction with Mars and Saturn with the Civil war and a Conjunction again with only Mars with World War 2.  This gas giant has played an unusual role with an American revolution or an American war.

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