The Mazou are a herd of horse-creatures... they are the protectors of every living creature on earth being born of the earth of Eden. They are beautiful... strong and powerful guardians. Their names are Caljoy, Xander, Manda, Quazi, Tarji, Uva, Resa and Pala. They protect the creatures of the earth from the smallest insect to the largest mammal. It was written their neigh "Echoed a thousand valleys and as their hooves struck the earth it roared". They are the embodiement of POWER and PROTECTION. Their presence is little written about after the flood of Noah's time. At first many thought the Mazou had been taken in the great waters... their life no longer needed but... that wasn't the case at all. They were merely lifted into the skys for safety and they watched... everpresent... as each pair of animals exited the ark and began a new life. As the population of animals grew in number so did their presence and they became a fixture of written legend around the time of Charlemagne.


Originates: Earthen Realm


Occupies: Earthen & Spiritual Realms
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They are beautiful, strong, and powerful guardians. They are the embodiement of power and protection.


strong, beautiful, powerful, protection


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Weekday Wednesday
Planet Sun
Month November
Gemstone Citrine
Color Purple
Foliage Mulberry
Animal Horse
Scent Jasmine
Herb Agrimony

Associations can be used to create a closer connection with the entity. By recognizing their associations with the Earth and Universe you can use any combination of these tools to create treats, rituals, and bonding exercises between you.

You can purchase candles, incense, cones, oils, sprays, etc scented with the Scent, Herb, or Foliage they are associated with. You can purchase statuary, paintings, prints, textiles, etc with the Color, Animal, or Foliage they are associated with and keep them in your home where the entity will see them.

To boost their presence and give them a natural feeding of Earthen core energy you can buy raw, polished or cut specimens of the Gemstone they are associated with. Place the gemstones where you keep their vessel or wear the jewelry with the gemstones when you wear the vessel.

To have peak results it is best to meditate, perform rituals, invocations or spells for the entity on the Weekday they are associated with. The Month they are associated with is a block of time to celebrate and show your appreciation for your entity!


Φ Time spent closely with the spirit the first 30 days of coming to the Keeper's home.
Φ Treats are not recommended for Mazou.


Φ Powerful presence, energetic, loyal
Φ Can manifest as orbs, sound of hooves on hardwood floors, thought, day and/or night visions, dreams.
Average size: Medium 6-10 ft
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Lifespan: Extended: 1,000+ years
They have been assigned an "Extended" lifespan, read Lifespan page for more information

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