Nicholas Van Ryn was a wealthy heir of Dutch ancestry living in New York’s Hudson Valley in the 1840’s. He starts to hate his wife because she couldn’t give him a son, only a daughter that he didn’t even care for. Miranda Wells, a distant relative, comes to live at their estate to work as an au pair girl. He becomes infatuated with her and eventually kills his wife so he can marry her. However, when Miranda gives birth to his son the boy becomes sick and doesn’t live long. Nicholas becomes depressed and begins using drugs. Miranda seeks the counsel of local physician, who falls in love with Miranda and he eventually discovers Nicholas killed his first wife to be with her and she may be next.

Benny: Surprisingly good, I like Vincent Price so this was a good film from this youth.

Rudy: I love this movie, and I love Vincent Price. I do wish that they could have explored certain parts of the movie more because it would have made it even better, but they couldn't because of the time period in Hollywood.

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