A religion & lifestyle that is rooted from Switzerland in the 1600s; strict communities still speak Dutch. The roots are based in Christianity, and they believe in Ordnung; restrictions to all aspects of conduct, behavior, dress, and social interaction. They do not live in secular society. Many are very community-minded assisting other Amish families in their needs. They live without electricity, telephones, any modern technology (including absolutely no photography), cars (they operate buggys or horses for transportation aside from walking), and live off their land. They live in organized poverty for spiritual obligation. From a spiritual & religious standpoint they live for daily salvation & worthiness in the eyes of God.

Conversion Difficulty: Serious
Serious Conversion
It is a serious commitment to become Amish, and to be accepted into a community if you were not born into the way of life

Time Consumption: Intense
Intense Time Consumption
This way of life requires a lot of your time for ongoing survival, and a lot of time for ongoing spiritual activities

Cost to Participate: Little
Little Cost
This way of life requires little in the way of "investment"

Deities: Holy Trinity
Literature: Bible
Location Practiced: United States
Afterlife: Heaven or Hell; non-believers go to Hell
Congregation: Over 100 thousand
Meaning of Life: Live up to expectations of God & Jesus
Famous: None; Amish do not believe in being famous

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