Originates in Australia as practiced by the original tribes of people. Belief that all things on Earth are connected in a mystic network of energy & the unseen. They live in poverty away from secular society. They are highly in tune with nature and are skilled hunters, survivalists, fishermen, and spiritualists. They live what they believe and have a deep respect for the Earth.

Conversion Difficulty: Serious
Serious Conversion
Nearly impossible to convert unless you were born into an Aboriginal tribe or are accepted by one

Time Consumption: Intense
Intense Time Consumption
Ongoing time commitment as you must live off the land & participate in spiritual activities

Cost to Participate: Little
Little Cost
You live off the land

Deities: Dreamtime creatures
Literature: None; everything is passed orally from generation to generation
Location Practiced: Australia
Afterlife: None officially recognized
Congregation: Less than 10,000
Meaning of Life: Respect Earth & all things within
Famous: None; they do not have a goal of fame

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