Christian Science

Was founded by Mary Baker Eddy on the basis that all can be rectified by prayer; including illness. They believe humans are the reflections of God; therefore our spirits are pure. They believe that your health should be in the care of your spirituality, it is only okay to visit dentists and optometrists for teeth & eye care.

Conversion Difficulty: Moderate
Moderate Conversion
After belief you must be accepted by a Chruch of Christ for conversion

Time Consumption: Moderate
Moderate Time Consumption
Weekly attendance in church (sometimes bi-weekly), consultation of doctrine for life decisions, study of literature for ongoing evolution in belief

Cost to Participate: Some
Some Cost
Weekly collection & tithing

Deities: God
Literature: Bible
Location Practiced: Worldwide
Afterlife: Heaven & Hell
Congregation: Over 100,000
Meaning of Life: Live up to the expectations of God
Famous: Doris Day, Joan Crawford, Carol Channing, Ginger Rogers, Val Kilmer, Alfre Woodard

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