A religion whose roots began the same time as Buddhism & was created to be an alternative to Hinduism. They are the original nudist colonies, believing that it is not right to own anything, including clothes (though there are reformed sects of this religion who do allow clothing). It is based on the honor of life (members must not kill or maim any living thing including plants, insects, animals, and humans, as all living entities have souls), and they are true vegans not eating anything that does not come from foliage.

Conversion Difficulty: Serious
Serious Conversion
Accept the beliefs, and practice them, which takes serious committment and is more difficult than it may seem

Time Consumption: Intense
Intense Time Consumption
It takes a great deal of time to practice this religion in strict accordance, some of the reformed sects are less time invasive

Cost to Participate: Little
Little Cost
The cost of participation is almost non-existent as they do not believe in material possessions

Deities: God is everything & is in everything
Literature: Aside from the Tattvartha Sutra most of it is verbal
Location Practiced: India
Afterlife: Similar to samsara & moksha, in that you reincarnate until you reach freedom, which takes a very long time, each life you live in ahimsa brings you closer to your goal
Congregation: Over 4 million
Meaning of Life: Treat all lifeforms on Earth with the utmost care & respect as god is everything
Famous: Of more reformed sects: Gundecha Brothers, V Shantaram, Vikram Sarabhai

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