Another religion founded in the United States based on Christianity. It began with Joseph Smith being led to a treasure of golden plates by an angel named "Moroni" (the plates were supposedly lost). Joseph's religion is based on the purity of the "latter days" of Christianity pre corruption by church officials. They share Christian beliefs more than Catholic beliefs.

Conversion Difficulty: Difficult
Moderate Conversion
Believe, and live by the beliefs

Time Consumption: Heavy
Heavy Time Consumption
You must believe & practice the beliefs with your congregation & independently

Cost to Participate: Expensive
Expensive Cost
You should be prepared to give generously

Deities: Holy Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit)
Literature: Bible, Book of Mormon
Location Practiced: USA
Afterlife: Heaven (with levels based on life choices)
Congregation: Over 10 million
Meaning of Life: Live your life by the laws & teachings of God
Famous: Aaron Eckhart, Amy Adams, Glenn Beck, Katherine Heigl, Paul Walker, Ryan Gosling

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