A European religion dating back pre 15th century. The originators of this religion were nicknamed "Gypsies" because they were thought to have immigrated from Egypt, however they had migrated from India. It is a religion that blends the Hindu faith with its unique Roma beliefs. They believe in living a good life, and not allowing marime into their lives. They are rooted in traditions, ceremonies, verbal beliefs, and rituals that are meant to assist those within the Roma religion in achieving a marime-free life.

Conversion Difficulty: Serious
Serious Conversion
Nearly impossible without the appropriate sponsorship & bloodline

Time Consumption: Intense
Intense Time Consumption
It is a lifestyle, not just a belief

Cost to Participate: Some
Some Cost
Some monetary exchange & support, but not based on donations from members

Deities: Devel, spirits, ghosts
Literature: None
Location Practiced: Europe
Afterlife: Reincarnation; mulo
Congregation: Over 12 million
Meaning of Life: Avoid marime, belief in kuntari
Famous: Bob Hoskins, Charles Chaplin, Jean Constantin, Stefan Banica, Sr., Yul Brynner

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