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Postby Huffette » Wed Jul 13, 2016 12:40 am

Giving this a bump due to recent drama and bullying

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Postby Vey Nightshard » Wed Jul 13, 2016 4:21 am

Huffette wrote:Giving this a bump due to recent drama and bullying

Agreed! ::bump:: 1tu

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Postby xTinaRaex » Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:03 am

Hmm how long until posts of new members are "submitted"? I'd like to begin posting :(

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Postby darkwing » Wed Aug 31, 2016 6:02 am

xTinaRaex wrote:Hmm how long until posts of new members are "submitted"? I'd like to begin posting :(

It depends on when it is approved. I believe when you post 30 or more times, there wouldn't be any more approval required.

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Postby Likes2Read » Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:15 pm

A quick BUMP, in light of a debate that's currently in progress.

Pay special attention to the first two rules:

Carry on. :)

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Postby Rai » Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:33 pm

creepyhollows wrote:Welcome to the Creepy Hollows forum! Now that this forum has reached an unprecedented level of popularity a clear-cut set of rules has been outlined to protect all members of this board. Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the board as they are enforced by all acting Moderators. Violation of any rule(s) results in a warning, formal warning, severe warning and then banishment.

Introduction: The existence of this board does not mean we are required to provide you membership. If you write to us with an attitude, are argumentative, or otherwise rude you will certainly not achieve membership because if you are not capable of showing the owners and/or employees of this board you are not capable of showing respect to its members. If you try to sign up with the name "anonymous", with an anonymous email account or a proxy IP address you are not going to be granted membership. Considering the sensitivity of the subject matter of this board we take member security very seriously... typically we only allow collectors we know, friends or family of present members, those involved in any Creepy Hollows or Creepy Hollows-affiliated venue and those whose information can be verified. These restrictions are in place for a reason. If you are unknown to us and would like to be a member I would suggest submitting a Helpdesk ticket and writing in about becoming a member.

1. Be respectful of other members
---- The Golden Rule plain and simple. Treat others the way you expect to be treated. You are not always going to agree with every member or every post and when you post a reply make sure it is in no way inflammatory, sarcastic, hurtful or condescending to another member. Any hurtful posts are removed and you will be warned.

2. No potty-mouth
--- Yes, most of us are adults here but in addition to some minors being here you also have to remember we have people of varying faiths and backgrounds. While you may not take offense to a foul word it may go against another's belief system. Defer to #1 and remember to be respectful. Blatant disregard of this rule will result in you being warned.

3. No spam
--- Do not make any unnecessary posts. Any irrelevant posts or posts that are made in obvious attempt to disrupt the harmony of the board will be removed and you will be warned.

4. IP Proxy
--- Members whose IP address is returned as a known spammer or as a proxy will most likely be deleted entirely.

5. Post your topic in the right forum
--- Make sure you are posting your question or comment in the right forum to make sure you get the right answers or any answers at all. If a post is in the wrong forum it will be moved for you by moderators and depending on the circumstances you will be warned.
--- Make sure your post is relevant. If you post gossip or something that is considered derogatory without any basis the post will be deleted. And if you continue to post in that manner you will be warned. Do not post something that is not relevant to the topic at hand or can be considered malicious gossip or unnecessarily derogatory in any manner.

6. Personal Information
--- It's probably best NOT to post the name of your spirits. The likelihood it will be problematic is slim but we considering caution the best idea.
--- Do NOT post anyone's real or full name, home address, work address, home phone, work phone, cell phone, email address, photograph, picture, graphic rendering of the person, video or any other personal information on this forum. While we cannot be held legally responsible, you can. It is not your place to post someone else's information, if they want to share it they can themselves. The only exception to this are people who live in the public eye, i.e. celebrities, political figures, entertainers, authors, etc.
--- If you want to post your own photograph, picture or graphic rendering of yourself you are welcome to do so.

7. Personal conflicts
--- If you are having an issue with another member on the board you are NOT to post your personal conflicts here. Take it outside the board on your own turf. No one here wants your drama.
--- Absolutely no conflicts from other boards & other social sites is to be brought into this forum & discussed at any point. What happens off this board on other seller's sites is not to be discussed in here.
--- Do not post exodus threads unless you fully intend to leave. Every member is allowed on exodus thread announcing their departure, and after that there should not be another post from that member unless it is a "Welcome Back" thread.
--- You are also not to contact any employee or member of Creepy Hollows with your gossip, gum-flapping, conspiracy theories concerning sellers or collectors, or any other inflammatory pick-a-little tongue-wagging. If someone is truly in danger you should call the police, if someone is truly going to maliciously damage the reputation of a seller or person it is up to you to contact them yourself and we suggest you provide proof. We require concrete proof of any "conspiracy" ideas, any gossip sent to us via PM, email or Helpdesk will be deleted.

8. Seller Interaction
--- Unlike most other boards this board allows other sellers outside of Creepy Hollows to advertise and they have sections of this board and rules that apply outlined below. However, buyers are not to use this forum as the place to ask other sellers and practitioners questions about their purchases. Please contact the seller through the contact information they provided you at time of sale.

9. Taking advice or services of board members
--- It is always good to get a second opinion. However, if you are unsure about connecting with your spirits, contacting your spirits, the manner in which a spirit is behaving, or any other issue that has arisen you can take opinions from board members on their methods however if nothing else works contact the ORIGINAL SELLER. It is not wise to contact a different seller about another seller's spirits because a different seller has no knowledge of how the spirit was conjured, bound or prepared. Before taking any drastic steps you need to contact the original seller to prevent any damage being done. If the original seller is not able to be contacted then seek the advice of a professional. If you chose to take the advice of a board member here in regards to spirits, spells, rituals, magic, or any other topic we cannot be held responsible for what happens. Always err on the side of safety and get as much information as you can.
--- Off-board solicitation of goods and services is a violation of board rules however if you are offered these goods and/or services and you accept them and in doing so you are adversely affected we cannot be held responsible. The only way in which other board members are to solicit other board members for good and/or services is through the "SELLER ANNOUNCEMENTS" section and through the CH Marketplacewhich is an outlet for collectors and sellers to offer other collectors their spirits, spells and services for free.
--- Do not solicit board members for money, donations, or anything else. If someone wants to give you something, they'll offer.

10. PMs
--- Private Messages are available to tenured members of the board.
--- ABSOLUTELY NO solicitation is to transpire via PM. No off-board sales of services or goods are allowed through the PM system. The PM system is designed soley for board members to converse one-on-one with each other regarding more personal topics that cannot be discussed in the forum. It is not a haven for dealing and selling. You will be warned if you are in violation of this rule.
--- Do not use PMs to harass, threaten, assault or otherwise antagonize another board member. Misuse of PMs result in your membership being demoted to General membership without PM privilege.

11. No email address solicitation, Facebook, MySpace, AIM, or other social media
--- Nowhere on the board, in any forum or any thread, is there to be an email address posted in any format. Do not try to circumvent the filters of the board by getting creative and posting abc123 AT or other such roundabouts. Any violation of this rule will result in you being warned and the email address removed.
--- Nowhere on the board, in any forum or any thread, is there to be any social media usernames posted in any format. Do not try to circumvent the filters of the board by getting creative and posting some workaround that others can figure out. Any violation of this rule will result in you being warned and the ID removed.
*** Seriously, don't try to circumvent this by doing creative postings of emails or IDs, we take it as a personal insult.

12. No website address posting in signatures & profile restrictions
--- Do not post a website address in the signature of your board profile. Any website addresses in the signature format will be removed. Websites can be advertised in the section of the board in the "TECH" section or if you are a seller in the "TECH" or "SELLER ANNOUNCEMENTS" section.
--- Any website that promotes or talks about seller-bashing will not be allowed to be advertised on this site, anywhere

13. Current Profile information
--- Keep the email address and contact information in your profile current. If your email address is no longer valid and we receive a bounced email to that email address your account will be suspended, you will be notified to update your contact information and if you do not your board ID will be restricted permanently.

14. Reviews: Sellers, eBay listings, websites, etc
--- You are allowed to openly discuss your experience with paranormal & metaphysical practitioners in the "SELLER REVIEW" section. You are allowed one concise post regarding your experiences per seller; good or bad. Do not post repeatedly regarding the same experience or seller good or bad. Repeat postings will be removed. Make sure your experience FACTUAL, and make sure it is an experience you had yourself with the seller. We do not permit posts on behalf of others such as "I know this guy who knows this guy who bought and..." those posts will be removed and you will be warned.
--- You can provide a link to an eBay listing you want an opinion on or you want to discuss. If you are advertising on behalf of another seller you are to place the listing link in the "SELLER ANNOUNCEMENTS" area and you are allowed to post the link once only. As with seller reviews you are allowed to discuss the listing but refrain from posting the same information repeatedly. Repeat posts will be deleted and depending upon the nature of the repeat posts you may be warned.
--- The same for website reviews as the eBay listings. You can post a link, advertising is restricted to the "SELLER ANNOUNCEMENTS" area and refrain from repeat posting.

15. You may not solicit other CH members for money or charity on this board. If you have a charitable need or suggestion you need to contact CH through the Helpdesk

16. Images in signatures of board members should not 250px in any direction. Large images make it difficult for those on slower connections to load the forum threads.

17. Absolutely no multi-thread fighting. It's exhausting. If you have a disagreement with a forum member in a thread, keep it in the relevant thread. Please do not open subsequent threads to continue the argument, any such thread is subject to partial or complete removal.

18. Any member who takes content from the Registered or Tenured sections of the forum and posts the content in other forum sites or on other websites will have their account banned immediately... the non-public sections of the forum are non-public for a reason and it's a violation of the trust of this community to disrespect members that way. If you have something to say about a topic in a non-public section of the board you should have enough respect & courage to address the topic here since you are obviously privy to the content. The member who is the author of a thread or post can quote themselves whenever they wish, but in order to quote another member permission should be requested from either this site admins or the person who is to be quoted, whichever the site admins feels is most appropriate.

19. 0 post accounts will have 90 days to start posting and participating, otherwise they are subject to deactivation.

20. As with the 0 posts, if a member doesn't use their account by posting, for 90 days, it will be subject to deactivation


22. Goodbye threads- if you post a goodbye thread that you are leaving the Forum, your account will be deactivated within 7 days to ensure there is no abuse of your account in your absence. If you decide to return to the Forum, you can write into Support to have your account reinstated.

23. If you are quoting material from an online, or physically published, source you will need to cite where your information is derived. Your post will be removed if you do not quote your source as we do not condone plagiarism.

24. If you have questions about orders related to shipping address, wait time, order changes, or anything else that ONLY a CH Creepy Crew member or Ash & Magnolia can answer, you must use the "Support" link in the shop or email for assistance. Any thread related to these situations will be removed because the Forum is not monitored for order questions.

25. Stalking, harassment, and threats between members on this board or any CH site will result in immediate action which may be a warning or ban; depending on the severity. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated on CH.


1. Advertising
--- You are allowed to advertise your eBay listings, websites, blogs, and other services in the "SELLER ANNOUNCEMENTS" area. You are allowed one topic per offering and can list 3 posts a day. You are not allowed to pressure or solicit sales from members of the board in any way that is considered unethical such as bait-and-switch tactics.

2. Seller Review threads
--- You are welcome to respond to your Seller Review if you have one. Do not try to sell items in your Seller Review, restrict your selling to the "SELLER ANNOUNCEMENTS" area. Be respectful in responding to buyers. Realize that sometimes it is not a personal attack but perhaps the buyer does not understand how to communicate, bond, or contact the spirit and/or spell they received from you. Immediately report any flagrant harassment or disrespectful posts to the Moderators.
--- We will not post material for sellers. If you are a seller and you want to make a statement you need to do it yourself. No employee of Creepy Hollows will post information on your behalf. Registration is free and you are not required to participate any more or less than you wish.

3. Restrictions
--- Any sellers who offering "Spirit Testing" services will have their review restricted. Any seller in violation of this will have their advertisements in the "SELLER ANNOUNCEMENTS" removed and their Seller Review thread will be locked at 5 pages. If they discountinue offering the service their advertisements will be restored and their Seller Review thread lock will be removed. Please report any seller in violation of this rule and if any previous violator is no longer in violation.

"Spirit Testing" means offering to test the spirits of other sellers for free or a fee. No seller with integrity will offer this service. There are many sellers who use cloaking spells on their bindings and casting to keep outsiders from being able to contact or influence the spirit or magic within the vessel. If a practitioner has used this method no outsider who does not officially "own" the vessel will be able to tell what is inside and can inaccurately be rendered "empty". Some spirits will retreat from outsiders and not respond to any attempts at contact again resulting in a false reading of "empty". And some predatory sellers will use this method as a way of discrediting honest sellers to bloat their own accredidation making them seem the "honest" ones. Most see through this under-handed, shady tactic but we have to state why we abhor this practice. We will always send you back to the original seller which is the way any practitioner with integrity will do.

4. PMs
--- If you are a seller who has gained tenured membership you are not to solicit any of your goods or services through the PM system. You are to use the CH Marketplace or the "SELLER ANNOUNCEMENTS" section of the site for advertising and selling your wares.

5. Websites
--- If you own or operate a site that bashes sellers or entices trouble with collectors or other sellers you will not receive any advertisement at all on this forum.

6. Bashing
--- If we have undeniable proof through emails with header information, or messages that come directly from eBay, or taped phone call discussions of CH-bashing, we reserve the right not only to terminate your account, but to erase all of your existence on the board. A pre-written, factual statement will be provided to any who inquires as to why your existence was obliterated here, and you have the right to request a copy of that statement if we terminate you. CH provides full transparency during conflict, and as anyone knows Ash & I do not make an iota of an accusation against someone unless we have 100% proof backing us. Which is so obviously not the luxury they provided us or the people they were bashing to.

7. Username
--- If you are a buyer who has turned seller, and now offers any sort of customized bindings, conjurations, or other services that require you to actually perform work, and you are not just rehoming vessels from other practitioners, your username needs to be your seller ID.

Bumping PLS read, or refresh your memories of the board rules everyone. Thanks!

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