Spiritual Attack

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Re: Spiritual Attack

Postby ~LavenderRose~ » Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:33 am

Nienna wrote:
~LavenderRose~ wrote:Hi Nienna!

I just wanted to let you know, that I had some bumpy patches when I started as well, and that I'm sorry you had to suffer like that. I've had issues with demonic,and negative, energies in my past....mostly due to the fact that I got to comfortable(and was too trusting) of unbounds. Afterwards, I closed shop to any outsiders, and now I never communicate with unbound spirits anymore. It was a tough lesson to learn, but thankfully I learned it, and was able to step away peacefully.

I'm happy you found the problem though, and I hope you can rest now. :) These type of issues are hard to handle sometimes, and I'm glad you made it through, and got the problem fixed. <3 Hopefully you can take a breather now, and just relax a bit.

When i read your message i felt relieved . It makes me feel good that i'm not the only one in this situation ..

I understand you LavenderRose , I also trusted too much . I have paid the consequences and i feel content with my life for now .

Thank you for sharing with me your experience ! It makes me happy :D :D

I'm so glad I could bring you some relief. It can be a scary and confusing thing, and it's always nice to know that your not alone. You are so welcome,and I'm glad I could help. <3

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