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Postby lori67k » Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:19 pm

3 Angels, 3 Rituals, Cast in Pure White Magick for 11 Full Days connecting and binding you with these powerful high level angels whose sole purpose and desire is to bring to you your best and highest good in all situations

Brief summary of offering:
I offer to you 3 angelic rituals that span across 11 days to call upon the angels of the highest levels in the secret realms of the universe, as it pertains to the 3 areas of your life you wish them to assist you with. This can be an immediate need or for the long haul... it doesn't matter, for once these rituals are completed, these angels will remain with you, your entire lifetime, to guide, support, protect, create positive changes, and/or assist you in times of urgency; they are called upon to serve you in the best ways possible. Each angel has it's own set of skills and divine powers, and are chosen per their ability to help you in those areas you request assistance with....

You are welcome to check the listing for full details :)


I also have a number of charging boxes still available to anyone who would like to bring one home with them

The shop url is good through the evening of June 29th, as I will be taking down my shop in time for the final closing of the BOTP Marketplace. However, if there is anything you would like that is listed in my shop, please stop by to make your selection. This includes my secret angels rituals. if you hire me for this service, even if it is the final day of the botp site is going to be up, do not worry, as I will fulfill every purchase; I give my clients my business email upon purchase so we can always remain in contact as it is the email I use to send all info and freebies to my clients through.

I have also lowered my prices to accommodate the end of the botp website giving you all an opportunity to enjoy some wonderful services and items at a lower cost during this period.

Otherwise, I will be here at the ch forum and on FB for updates to items available: https://www.facebook.com/realmofmagickmarketplace/

Enjoy everyone. Many blessings ahead <3 1ht <3


With the BOTP Marketplace closing on June 30th, 2017 a new site needed to be created in order to continue to bring you exceptional service...

It is an honor to have been here for you all and it is a great honor to share with you my new location where you will still be able to receive great services and handmade ooak (magickal) products

My new store can be located here: https://realmofmagick.wixsite.com/realmofmagick

I hope to see you there :) Many blessings and lots of love, Lori K
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