50% off everything sale through June 18th!

Is your site or shop having a weekend sale or special sale? Notify potential customers in this area!
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50% off everything sale through June 18th!

Postby GreySkyMorning » Tue May 16, 2017 1:47 pm

I really have not been around much. I feel very bad for that. So, as an apology to anyone who may be, or has been, interested in anything I sell... I'm having a surprise sale!

Until the end of June 18th, everything is 50% off with the code "Surprise50"! Why so long? Why not?

I'll be adding a small number more of my old series of One-Of-A-Kind Robot Servitors as well, so don't be afraid to stop in!

http://www.bestparanormalsellers.com/st ... -sky-realm
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