Lovers Stay Strong Spell

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Lovers Stay Strong Spell

Postby lori67k » Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:32 am

STEP 1: Pour boiling water over the following ingredients:

* Bloodroot * Cardamom * Coriander * Cumin * Forget-me-not * Rosemary

STEP 2: Strain out the "plant material" with a strainer, and put the liquid in a bucket of water along with some vinegar.

STEP 3: Take a clean cloth and use it to cleanse your home, focusing on the thresholds to the outside, and the bedroom... but cleanse as much as you can. The more you cleanse, the stronger your relationships will get.

STEP 4: For extra power, while you're cleansing, play a powerful song by Lorrain Ellison called "Stay With Me Baby"... this works particularly well if you are strengthening the love with your partner, but can also work well for friendships.

Many Blessings…

Whenever we try to live up to other's expectations and perceptions of how they think we should be, look like, act like, become... we are only setting ourselves up to fail miserably! In the end, no one is happy. Please yourself first, love yourself most, seek out only those things that make 'you' feel good, those things that lend you many moments of peace; live your truth and be who you are. Only you are the true source of your own happiness. Make it happen 1ht

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