Satan and Sun's Parastock Chat Seminar - Sensing, Hearing an

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Re: Satan and Sun's Parastock Chat Seminar - Sensing, Hearing an

Postby Aurum » Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:23 pm

MagickFromtheMysts wrote:
ServantofJustice wrote:Thanks and this is informative. I can already see or 'know' when I look that all objects/stuff are made up of these infinite amounts of tiny tiny little glowing particles but not sure if it is my physical eyesight or something else. Can somebody elaborate? Is she referring to that being the haze, the one you can already see with your physical eyes, including when closed sometimes and even more easier to notice if lights are off in a dark room, or you have your glasses off?

So, you're actually seeing two different things here. The infinite amounts of tiny particles you're seeing are atoms - you're a kinetic of some kind.

However, the glowing haze that you can see even when your eyes are closed, can see better in the dark, and can see better with your glasses off - THAT is auras.

The reason you can see them better with your glasses off is an issue of focus. Because you're seeing auras with your third eye, but your mind interprets this as being a visual experience, the act of taking off your glasses clarifies the experience because you are literally removing something that distracts you from your field of vision. I take off my glasses to "see" because when I try to "see" with them on, my physical eyes are constantly distracted by the frame and the edges of the lenses, which causes me to refocus to viewing through my actual eyes. Taking off my glasses removes the distraction.

Darkness also removes a lot of distractions. The less actual visual input you receive through your physical eyes, the more your brain depends on your "psychic" eyes to interpret the visual field... so practicing in the dark is often one of the first ways people who are learning find works for them.

That same phenomenon is why closing your eyes helps. With your eyes closed, your mind has no alternatives except to reconstruct the scene using your psychic senses. You have removed all visual distractions.

This is why sensory deprivation (WITHIN REASON - lets not drive ourselves crazy here) is such an effective training method for psychic development.

And now to talk about kinesis.

If you are telekinetic in some way, whether micro or macro (and this is a BROAD category of psychic ability which can include pyro, electro, genetic, and many other variants), you will have noticed early in your life that you can see the air.

No, it's not "normal." Most people are not kinetic, and cannot see air molecules.

Yes, it's fine that you can.

As to what kind of kinetic you might be - well, just because you can see the air molecules doesn't mean you can manipulate air. Experimentation will tell you what type of kinetic you are, though as far as I've discerned, kinetics usually function organically, instinctively.

For example, a girl I once knew who was pyrokinetic but had it LITERALLY beaten out of her as a child (she kept setting her crib on fire when she got emotionally worked up - it was a danger to herself and others. While I don't approve of her parents' methods, it did save her life), did NOT have control of her abilities, but they continued to happen in moments of high stress.

However, for me, a serious microkinetic, because I DIDN'T have that experience, I just... grew into it. I discovered early on that I could keep a car running when something electrical was going wrong with it. I also discovered that when an alternator dies, I am not strong enough to keep THAT going, because I MANIPULATE electrons, I don't CREATE them.

That's actually what kinesis is at its heart... it is the MANIPULATION of matter, NOT the creation of it. So a pyro works by causing matter to vibrate faster, which produces heat, and if the matter vibration gets fast enough, eventually produces flame. Electrokinesis works by manipulating the electric field that already exists. Magnekinesis works by manipulating the magnetic fields.

The vast majority of kinetics are microkinetics. Macrokinesis is actually EXTREMELY rare, so even if you ARE kinetic, the likelihood of you being able to move a penny across a table, or a cup across a room, is probably pretty low. But honestly, macrokinesis is showy and gets a lot of buzz, but microkinesis is more practical for one simple reason. We are able to manipulate things at the quantum level.

This means that microkinetics are supremely good at physical healing, genetic manipulation, and changing environments. It's not flashy... but I think being able to keep a dead car going is way more useful than parlor tricks. If I want a cup, I'll go get the cup - I've never met a macrokinetic who was capable of cooking an entire dinner from the couch without a microwave... they have a singular focus - they can't juggle. We microkinetics CAN.


Well that is very interesting. I do not think I'm very kinetically gifted and I don't really see air as such, except when I'm flying, then the air outside dances and kinda twinkles. I also see the darkness swirl and move as it is alive. Interesting, more things to think about.

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Re: Satan and Sun's Parastock Chat Seminar - Sensing, Hearing an

Postby ServantofJustice » Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:08 am

What do you do if you have problems seeing the 'magic eye pictures' though? For that part so if you know how to you can do this exercise. Especially if you can see already particles make up everything.

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