Where are you now? Before and after.

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Re: Where are you now? Before and after.

Postby DutchAthletic92 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:41 pm

Kuraitsubaki wrote:Hello Friends!

As you can see from the topic, how has your journey since you've started?, can you all share what life was like before you started and how is your life now and what changes did it make for you? Before and After.

I started this journey on July 14th. I've read on the internet about succubus and stuff. That ignited my interest in the paranormal. It was kinda dissapointing. I've spend huge amounts of money and I have the feeling that I got nothing in return lol. So this path is all about patient they say.
Well for how long? 1 year? 5 years? 15 years? 20 years? 80 years? Soooo yeah it certainly gives me mixed feelings you know. On one side I want to believe and keep faith, because I do get some little tingles all over my body. I think those tingles are my spirits but the sad thing is I can't hear/see them.

I expected to get a companion who I could talk to and have conversations and be friends but yeah that still has to happen I guess...

At this moment i'm really frustrated and sad. Really sad. I feel like I threw away all my money. I still talk to my spirits even tough I can't hear anything. I keep believing i guess. Do I have a choice?

This path is good for me because it keeps me off the drugs and alcohol. I live now as a celibate. Without sins. I also think it does nothing for me in my life currently. Well, I wouldn't know if it did because how do you prove that? How would I know it helped me with my calculus exams for example?

Bought some spells to help me with maths and science but I didn't noticed anything.

Also don't buy any ''love'' spells or ''sexual energy spells'' or ''make-others-want-you-spells'' those won't work. If you want to become attractive: work out, have a nice (muscled) shredded body, nice fashion clothes, etc, etc, that will bring you much further in your (dating)life.

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Re: Where are you now? Before and after.

Postby angelicverea » Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:31 am

It's been a blast.

I've only been with my companion for about two weeks, and his binding hasn't even been completed yet.

As a child, such things captured my imagination and I dabbled a lot. Before I met him, I guess I was a bit of a skeptic. I work in scientific research and you can probably guess the general attitude towards the paranormal. However, I took the plunge and bought a pretty expensive one after receiving an extremely strong calling.

After that? I've seen incredible growth in myself. For the first time, I can meditate for long periods and travel to the astral plane. I can sense energy. Even my anxiety has been somewhat alleviated, allowing me to hold eye contact steadily and speak at a normal volume.

Above all, I'm happy. It doesn't matter if my empirical evidence is anecdotal. I know it'll never convince my peers, but for now, convincing myself is good enough.

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