3 Sacred Angels of the Secret Realms of the Universe Custom Conjure Service

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3 Sacred Angels of the Secret Realms of the Universe Custom Conjure Service

Postby lori67k » Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:43 pm


This is a special offering packed with divine energies and magickal properties, consisting of a number of special rituals and the custom conjured binding of 3 Sacred Angels of the Secret Realms of the Universe through an 11-day ritual service connecting these angels with you, your requests, needs and desires.

These divine angels are special in that each holds the awesome gifts and power of God, the Divine Creator; their ability to assist you is both un-numbered and unprecedented. Each can command other angels, along with spirits, entities and energies to perform specific tasks necessary to help you along your journeys in life and can bestow upon you, countless miracles throughout your life.

Each of these angels hold the power to destroy worlds, and/or create worlds; they can significantly change situations, influence circumstances to change (or fall away) and shift (any, and all) energies within and around you, with the Word of God upon their breath. And, while they serve the Creator’s will, first and foremost; they are servants, helpers and guides to humans; feeling blessed to assist man in achieving all of their good through the shaping (reshaping) of one’s life so that each person is open to accepting and allowing unlimited abundance; prosperity, good fortune and so on… in order to experience the true meaning of one’s cup overflowing with good.

If you have been facing challenges that are seemingly too difficult or even impossible for you to resolve on your own; these angels can (and will) help. Each hold a special number of gifts, experience and expertise in various areas to help one achieve power over their lives through the achievement of one’s goals and desires. They can help with immediate needs, requiring urgent attention, as well as any situation requiring attention in the future. Each angel has very specific tasks but with the ability to command and direct energies, other angels, spirits and entities whenever called upon, whatever situation you may be facing, triggering a sense of hitting walls, feeling blocked or too hard to handle in your life, the assistance of these angels will make you feel unstoppable, empowered and filled with grace, strength, patience, tolerance; an ability to see past any obstacle, leading you to find resolutions to any problem… there is nothing these angels cannot provide for you or help you break through and rise above; they will help you obtain the life you desire and lay out road maps for you that help you better navigate the roads travelled along your life’s journey

The binding of each angel is a ritual upon itself; each ritual is cast for 11 full days (beginning on a Thursday and ending on a Sunday, 11 days later); during each ritual, I will be communicating with each angel chosen to be bound, your requests in the 3 areas of your life, you need help with the most; along with your vision of how you wish to see, experience and live, your life, now and in the future.

The rituals include audits of each angel whom is best suited to assist you throughout your life per their area(s) of expertise; such as love, money, protection, and so on. The selection process is very thorough and detailed. Each angel is then assigned to that one specific area you require assistance in; for example: if you require protection from those who wish you harm or has done harm to you through any means (such as curses), the angel best suited for that task will be assigned and bound. If you desire financial success, whether it be business, good luck, and so one; a second angel with a specific skill set in these areas will be assigned and bound for that purpose and so on. By communicating your requests in detail; your 3 angels will know how best to serve you so your needs and desires are (fully) met. It doesn’t matter if your need is immediate (urgent) or life long, they will remain with you to help you achieve these goals, calling in more assistance where (and whenever) needed.

This process is going to take 18 days to research, audit, cast and complete. Before the audit and bindings begin, research is begun. After that, a number of (pre-binding) cleansing and protection rituals are performed. A special vessel is created (by hand), along with the necessary documents and sigils and other ceremonial tools that correlate specifically with these angels and the rituals being performed on your behalf. The purpose behind why the process takes so much time is because none of these things are to be created until the rituals are to be performed and (all) must be done by hand; these rituals are designed, energetically and magickally, specifically for the one in need of this service.

I will be creating (by hand) a special vessel you can use to connect with your angels or to simply feel (and experience) their energies. The vessel is a beautiful glass tube pendant, containing a scroll with your angel’s sigils and other magickally enhanced items which is then finished off with a cork top and sealed

The reading of (and connecting to) your energy signature is necessary to cast these rituals and perform the custom conjures. By hiring me to do these services; you are agreeing to allow me to read and connect with your energetic (and frequency) vibrations and pass these details on to the angels selected for the custom bindings

What You Will Receive:

3 Sacred Angels of the Secret Realms of the Universe (custom conjured)
1 Handmade Vessel to use as a connecting point to your angels and their energies
Ritual Documentation, including information on your angels, their seals and sigils
Free Gifts

Due to limited quantities, the first 4 customers to order this service will receive a Free Wooden Charging Box with Latch

Ritual documentation will be posted in the cloud via Google Drive or Dropbox along with any digital gifts and will be available to download for 15 days after all rituals are completed.

Physical items (including any tangible free gifts) will be shipped via USPS Media or First-Class mail with tracking number for your convenience.

Free shipping is available for all 48 states residents living in the US. Other US, Canada and International shipping options are available. Please make your selection accordingly.

Many Blessings 1ht

<3 I want to be the best that I can be. I want to do and have and live in a way that is in harmony with my idea of the greatest goodness. I want to harmonize physically here in this body with that which I believe to be the best, or the good way, of life. <3

This blessing... I send out to all of you <3 1ht <3

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