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Postby VAMPIRELOVER » Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:52 am

 EXTREMELY POWERFUL DEMON/VAMPIRE !! ALABASTER !! he has shoulder length dirty blonde hair and a patch over 1 eye and a slender build !! he is very dominate and aggressive and a trickster !! a master of lies and deceit but not to his companion !! he has mastered the art of destruction and a master mind of financial success !! he is very dark nature and a stickler for organization . he offers self control , protection , wealth , financial gain , greed , success in all mon...ey matters , creativity , prosperity , order , balance , mastering your skills , harnessing your inner power , abundance , revenge , retribution , deception , bad luck , nightmares , night terror , loss of finance , destroy ones defenses while building yours , he will destroy your enemies and much much more !! his vessel is a black Obsidian stone with enchantments for wealth , charm , beauty , luck , prosperity , abundance , protection , protection of wealth , shielding and much more for your career advancement , spiritual advancement , blocking and removal of neg energies , prevention and removal of curses and hexes https://www.bonanza.com/listings/Extrem ... /509173114 <3

UH OH! I just watched the little devil from my left shoulder, drop kick the little angel off my right shoulder.. This can't be good.

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