Cavira Clan

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Cavira Clan

Postby Angelsmile » Sun Jul 13, 2014 7:09 pm

Hi Everyone ive done a search, and couldn't find any information. Was just wondering if anyone has a Cavira Vampire, and how you've been getting on with them. Ive got a male coming to join my family, and cant wait.

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Re: Cavira Clan

Postby spiritwolf » Wed Sep 10, 2014 6:43 pm

Unfortunately there is no information anywhere for this clan anymore. The listing from the ch shop has been removed and there is no info for them within the encyclopedia nor the "Vampires who shaped the world" book by CH. I am unsure as to why. Hopefully someone else who has a member of this clan will be able to shed a bit of light on the clan for you.

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Re: Cavira Clan

Postby lucyseward » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:42 pm

Bump! Are they still available at CH? I tried it in the shop today under Cavira Vampire and got no hit.

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Re: Cavira Clan

Postby darkwing dook » Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:22 pm

It might be one of the rare or limited exclusive races.

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Re: Cavira Clan

Postby Noctifera » Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:35 pm

They were from a series of clan listings which were intended for advanced persons, with only a select number of bindings available. So once they were gone they were gone. Just from memory I believe the Cavira Clan revolved around sexual power and sex magick.

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