Handy Links for Empaths In Trouble -possible trigger warning

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Handy Links for Empaths In Trouble -possible trigger warning

Postby NyctophiliaRaven » Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:02 pm

Handy Links For Empaths in Trouble

Empathic Auras https://selqetkitty.wordpress.com/2017/11/15/empathic-auras/

Empathic Auras

Here’s the thing about empaths that even most empaths don’t know.

Your auras are HUGE. Like, fill an entire house HUGE. You’ve learned to live inside other people, usually out of sheer defense. Almost all empaths are empaths due to lengthy trauma… so they learn to push their aura out to such a distance that they are ALWAYS PREPARED. It’s a survival mechanism.

I’ve yet to meet an empath who DIDN’T have an aura that invaded everyone else’s space.

So shielding often doesn’t work. If you shield your aura, but your aura is still large enough that other people are still INSIDE it, then you’ve shielded them inside with you.

The solution to empathy being so overwhelming is to work to pull your aura back into your original personal space. Because your aura is so large, you have issues with boundaries. You don’t have them. That allows for you to be constantly overwhelmed psychically, mentally, emotionally.

The first boundary you must set is your own. It’s hard work to reel in your aura, but it’s worth it. Then, when you need to, you can push it out to “taste” people and/or environments, but when you’re done, you can pull back in, cleanse (dump the toxins), and shield… REALLY shield, and just be alone in your head again.

Trust me… Get your aura under control, and being an empath will no longer be a curse.


So if you can pull in your aura, then ground, that should help the most. Once you’ve reigned in your aura and grounded, then you can do a very simple cleanse. Eventually, you will want to work on your chakras, because empaths are MADE, through trauma and abuse. Empathy is a natural ability of all humans, but empaths who are as sensitive as you are develop it as a defensive mechanism against harmful situations. Having your aura spread out so wide allows you to be prepared. It’s a form of hyper-vigilance.

So, about cleansing. Once you have your aura contained, and you’ve grounded, I would suggest that you go for a walk in a place where there aren’t a lot of people (I like to walk after dark, or take a hiking trail). While you are walking, just focus on breathing the fresh air, the stillness and the silence. Let the greenness of the world, or the whiteness/darkness if you’re walking in winter or at night, let the weather and the season just sort of recharge you as you breathe it in.

Finally, a bare-bones method is simply to visualize a ball of white light as large as your aura (for most people this is three feet wide, for you it’s probably considerably larger which is why I don’t suggest doing this until you’ve got your aura reigned in) coming down through you from the sky, and a second one coming up through you from the earth. See these balls as collecting all the muck as they go, and as the ball from the sky enters the earth below you, and the ball from the earth enters the sky above you, see the earth and sky absorb those balls and the negativity they’ve removed from you.

Also, this article will be helpful for you. Crystals for Aura Protection https://crystal-cure.com/article-aura-protect.html

Protecting your Aura

Whenever you are around other people, you are exposing yourself to their subtle energies (and them to yours). Most of the time, these energies are positive, and will therefore have a positive, or perhaps even beneficial, effect on your own subtle energies. However, there are times when people energies, such as negative thoughts and emotions, can be toxic to your own. Negative energies from the people around you can be harmful to your aura, which in turn can cause damage to any or all of your subtle “bodies” (i.e., emotional body, mental body, spiritual body) as well as your physical body, all of which are contained within the aura.

Fortunately, stones and crystals can be used to protect the aura from any harm that can come as a result of these negative energies.

What is your Aura?

The subtle bodies that surround the physical body are collectively known as the aura. The purpose of the aura is to act as a protective screen to block out and repel the negative energies, thoughts, and feelings of others, and also to prevent leakage of your own energy. However, holes, known as auric tears, can form within the aura, weakening it, and thus making it susceptible to harm by invading outside energies. These tears have many causes, including stress, trauma, depression, abuse, and physical injuries or illnesses to name just a few.

Negative Energy

Negative people energies come in many forms and in many ways. Stress, for example, can be contagious and be passed from one person onto someone with a weakened or damaged aura. Irritability and anger are also negative energies that can easily be passed onto someone else.

There are also what are called psychic vampires or leeches. When your aura is not strong, it can feel like these people are sucking out all your energy, leaving you feeling exhausted afterwards. A great stone to protect against psychic vampirism is Labradorite which prevents any loss of energy.

And then there are those who deliberately project ill-wishing towards another, usually out of anger, jealousy, envy, or ignorance. This is known as a psychic attack. When there are tears or holes in the aura, these and other negative energies can penetrate the aura and be passed onto you.

Two good stones to protect against psychic attack are Black Tourmaline, which wards off negative energy, and Rose Quartz, which replaces negative feelings with positive ones. Also, just about any dark-colored or black stone will repel or dissolve negative energies. A few of these include: smoky quartz, hematite, jet, black onyx, black obsidian, and apache tear.

Gemstones used for Auric Health and Protection

The following stones are very good to use for auric health and protection in general:

Amber: aligns the subtle bodies with the physical body. Releases negative energy.
Amethyst: heals holes in the aura, cleanses it, draws in divine energy to protect the aura.
Apache Tear: protects the aura and prevents it from absorbing negative energies from any source, but especially the negativity of other people.
Bloodstone: cleanses the aura.
Carnelian: repairs the aura.
Citrine: cleanses and aligns the aura.
Jet: protects against other’s negative thoughts.
Magnetite: strengthens the aura.
Quartz: cleanses, protects, and strengthens the aura. Seals auric tears.
Smoky Quartz: grounds energy and removes negative energy from the aura.
Green Tourmaline: heals auric tears.

Methods used to Protect your Aura

There are several ways to use stones and crystals to heal and protect the aura:

For healing the aura, one easy way is to do so is by slowly passing your chosen stone or crystal over the aura (the space around the entire body). An auric tear will feel cold and empty. The stone may start to feel differently, such as becoming cold or vibrating slightly. Once you’ve located a hole or tear, hold the stone over the area for several moments. You may feel the need to move the stone around the area in clockwise circles or with an up and down motion. This is fine to do. You will feel when the tear has been sealed.

Another way to work with the stones is through the chakras. Do this by holding your chosen stone or crystal over each chakra in turn for a few moments. Doing so periodically will help to keep your chakras strong and healthy, which in turn will help to keep your aura healthy as well. If damage is sensed over a chakra (the same as with the aura), move the stone in a counter-clockwise motion over the chakra. This will release any negative energy that may be lingering there. Then move the stone in a clockwise pattern over the chakra. This will heal the chakra and seal it.

The easiest way to use stones for protection is to simply carry your chosen protection stone on your person. For protection of any kind (physical, emotional, auric, etc.), it is often recommended that the stone or crystal be placed in the left pocket, though I don’t feel that this is necessary. A stone talisman may also be carried for protection.

Another common and easy way to use stones for protection is to wear gemstone jewelry. An amulet makes a great piece of jewelry to wear for protection, but really any type of jewelry, especially gemstone pendants and gemstone rings, can be worn.

Talismans and Amulets

Talismans and amulets have been used for protection around the world by many different cultures for thousands of years. A talisman is a small object that a person carries with them with the belief that the object will help manifest a specific end, usually to bring good fortune or to help in the achievement of a goal. A good luck charm is an example of a talisman. The Egyptian Ankh is another example. Stones, rings, charms, and amulets are commonly used as talismans, and they are often engraved with symbols, totems, figures, or characters.

An amulet is a small object that is made and worn or carried specifically for protection, usually to ward off evil and to protect against illness or harm. Amulets are most often rings or pendants to be worn around the neck; but charms, fetishes, good-luck objects, and small carvings can also be used as amulets, and are usually carried in a small bag or pouch that is either worn around the neck or kept in a pocket. It is common for these objects to be made of stone or to have stones on them.

Protection Stones Commonly Worn as Amulets:

Agate: protects against danger, worldly troubles, and harmful spirits. Protects one while traveling.
Eye Agate: wards off the evil eye.
Amber: protects the aura and works as a protector in general.
Amethyst: protects against drunkenness, hailstorms, thunderstorms and lightning, black witchcraft, psychic attack, and healing burnout. Protects one while traveling. Protects soldiers from harm. Wards off attempts by others to steal one’s power.
Angelite: increases angelic protection.
Apache Tear: protects the aura and protects one against environmental stresses.
Aquamarine: protects one against drowning and when traveling over water. Counteracts the lure of dark spirits and procures wise ones.
Bloodstone: guards against deception, harmful spirits, wounds and insect bites. Offers psychic protection.
Carnelian: protects from the powers of the devil and harmful spirits. Blocks attempts to read your mind. Protects against injury caused by falling walls or buildings.
Citrine: makes one less susceptible to negative influences.
Diamond: protects against plague and pestilence.
Emerald: keeps away evil spirits and voids the powers of magicians.
Epidote: protects against conflicting circumstances.
Fluorite: works as a psychic shield and protects one while in the psychic and spirit realms. Protects against computer and electromagnetic stresses.
Jade: protects children from childhood diseases.
Jasper: general protection, and protection against harmful spirits. Protection from the bite of venomous creatures.
Jet: wards off negative energy.
Labradorite: protects the aura from negative energy. Protects against psychic attack, psychic vampirism, negative alien interference and implants, negative attachments, and spirit possessions.
Malachite: protects against negativity from others and psychic attack. Guards against radiation and poisoning.
Marcasite: protects one from negative energy and entities.
Moonstone: protects against the dangers of travel, especially when traveling on water.
Obsidian: blocks negative influences and energies. Protects against environmental stresses.
Black Onyx: protects from harmful spirits and environmental stresses. Blocks negative influences.
Opal: protects from those who may wish you harm.
Peridot: powerful protection against negative forces. Acts as a shield of protection for the body.
Quartz: protects against negative energies.
Smoky Quartz: protects and shields from harm and negative influences.
Tourmalinated Quartz: protects one’s life purpose for this incarnation.
Ruby: shields against psychic attack and misfortune.
Sugilite: protects the soul from shocks and disappointments.
Tiger Eye: protects against harmful spirit intrusions. Protects travelers in automobiles from accidents.
Blue Topaz: protects from harm.
Black Tourmaline:protects against harmful physical and psychic influences such as psychic attack, psychic vampires, spirit possession, and harmful spirit intrusions. Protects the aura against negative thought forms and energy. Protects against spells, ill-wishing, microwaves, radiation, and environmental and geopathic stresses.
Turquoise:protects from physical injury, especially broken bones, and from danger.

Eventually you WILL have to work on your chakras; the why is handily explained in this article: How Abuse Affects Our Chakras https://chakranutmusings.weebly.com/chakras/how-abuse-affects-our-chakras

How abuse affects our chakras

There are several types of abuse and each type affect one chakra more than the others. Physical abuse affects the root the most, emotional abuse affects the sacral and heart the most, verbal affects the throat the most, mental affects the third eye and crown the most and sexual abuse affects the solar plexus the most. Now this last one befuddled me to begin with. I, like most would assume that as it is of a sexual nature it would affect the sacral the most or some would think the root, and I agree they can be affected but the big scar will be found in the solar plexus. I have found that sexual abuse has more to do with power and manipulation than the sexual act itself.

We can carry the old energy of an abuse with us into all our interactions until we become aware and release it. I worked on my sacral diligently for a few years before it dawned on me that I needed to shift my focus. My solar plexus has always been either my best friend or my worst nightmare.

Being a pattern freak I noticed a pattern appear in how I physically and emotional reacted to others who had endured a similar abuse to me. You'd automatically presume that one would feel an understanding and compassion for your fellow victim of abuse, but strangely it was often the opposite reaction that happened within me. Discomfort was the main feeling but often it turned into a dislike. This was another thing that just befuddled me but it was not long before it dawned on me that it was the energy of their unhealed wounds that I was reacting to. The energy was far too similar to my own for comfort.

Years ago I met a young girl who played with Kate and she made me feel really uncomfortable, I was ashamed of myself because she was a nice kid, tried a little too hard at times but no bother. This went on for months and in that time I got to know her mum, one day her mum confided in me what had happened to her daughter. On the way home she was grabbed by two men and they assaulted her, she was fairly young when it happened and because of how horrible the incident was the grown ups felt it was best to move on from it as quickly as possible. It was never mentioned, never really dealt with so she carried the energy around with her. Later when I was on my own I faced the fact that I too had not addressed issues so my energy was pretty similar to the girls. From that point on I changed my focus and worked on my solar plexus when ever I got the chance. It was not long before I seen another pattern in the people in my life. With some I behaved in a very open solar plexus way with them and with others I was so blocked solar plexus it was depressing.

The only way things could improve was for me to aim for balanced myself.

As always happens when working on a chakra plenty of opportunities came up to learn to deal with things differently. Sometimes it was a case of one step forward and two steps back but slowly I made headway and now I am so tuned into my solar plexus that I can physically feel it swing out of balance when something or someone external hits an old button and 9 times out of 10 I can hit the breaks and not self harm with an old reaction to a familiar energy.

Abuse and its energetic affect does not have to haunt your life and relationships with others. Knowing yourself and your own wounds is a great first step to healing and releasing your past.

Also this one: What Blocks Our Chakras and Why http://www.energeticbodyhealing.org/single-post/2016/02/16/What-blocks-our-Chakras

What blocks our Chakras?
Janine Zitianellis

According to Anodea Judith, if our needs are not met or if we experience trauma and abuse at the different developmental stages in our lives, we are sure to get chakras that are blocked within our energetic body. They become deficient or excessive in their energetic functioning. Here are a few examples of the types of traumas or abuses that lead to blocked Chakras:

We find people who experienced birth trauma or who had grown up in a violent environment, or was neglected as a child, may have a blocked Base Chakra (See symptoms of a blocked Base Chakra).

Other traumas or abuses experienced from the age of 2nd trimester to 1 year old, which affect the Base Chakra: *

- Abandonment
- Poor physical bonding with mother
- Malnourishment, feeding difficulties
- Major illness or surgery
- Physical abuse

Those who have been abused or as a child never received physical affection from a caregiver would most likely have a blocked Sacral Chakra.

Other traumas or abuses experienced from the age of 6 months to 2 years old, which affect the Sacral Chakra:*

- Emotional abuse and manipulation
- Denial of feelings
- Enmeshment
- Religious or moral severity (antipleasure)
- Alcoholic families

Growing up in an authoritarian household and in constant fear of punishment could result in a blocked Solar Plexus Chakra.

Other traumas or abuses experienced from the age of 18 months to 4 years old, which affect the Solar Plexus:*

- Shaming
- Volatile situations
- Physical abuse
- Domination of will
- Age inappropriate responsibilities

Lack of love from others, conditional love or lack of love for ourselves, results in the Heart Chakra being affected and closes off to the world. The armour that is formed around our Heart Chakra, to protect it from being hurt, creates a barrier and we slowly become unlovable.

Other traumas or abuses experienced from the age of 4 to 7 years old, which affect the Heart Chakra:*

- Loss
- Rejection
- Abandonment
- Shaming, constant criticism
- Abuses to any other Chakra
- Unacknowledged grief
- Divorce/ death of loved ones
- Sexual or physical abuse
- Betrayal

Having to carry secrets, getting mixed messages (lies) or not being able to speak your truth creates an energetic block in your 5th Chakra, located in the throat area.

Other trauma's or abuses experienced as a child from the age of 7 to 12 years old) which affect the Throat Chakra: *

- Verbal abuse
- Excessive criticism
- Lack of trusting caregivers
- Alcoholic or chemical-dependent family (don't talk, don't trust, don't feel)

Witnessing abuse but being told that it's not happening or denying to yourself that they are happening. This causes us to distrust our intuition resulting in a blocked Third Eye.

Other trauma's or abuses experienced as a child (adolescence) which affect the Third Eye Chakra: *

- Being punished for having psychic abilities
- Invalidation of intuition and psychic occurrences
- Growing up in a frightening environment

Being told it's a bad idea to pursue a particular career, from a person in your life who you respect and rely on, and this person then denying you access to information that would allow you to pursue your dreams and desires. Or being forced to adopt a spiritual belief that does not resonate with you, closes down the Crown Chakra.

Other trauma's or abuses experienced as a child (early adulthood and after) which affect the Crown Chakra: *

- Being ridiculed by questioning
- Withholding knowledge
- No stimulation/ Poor education system
- Exposure to fanatical religious beliefs

As you can see, we have all probably experienced at least one of these situations in our lives. It therefore comes as no surprise that we may have blockages in our Chakras. They may be too open or they may be shut down. Without consistent exploration of where our blocks lie and persistence on healing them throughout this lifetime, these states of existence make it more difficult to function properly. .

Knowing where your blocks could lie will give you understanding on why you behave the way you do and you then give yourself the gift of choice. To choose to let go of the energetic block and allow more light and energy to run through your system. Living a more peaceful and authentic life.

* Information gathered from Anodea Judith's, "Eastern Body, Western Mind", 2004. ISBN978-1-58761-225-1

Nothing in this blog is intended as medical or psychological advice. Energy healing is not a replacement for conventional
medicine. Whenever you have concerns about your health or mental well being, you should seek and follow the
advice of a qualified medical or mental health practitioner.

By Janine Zitianellis, Copyright © 2013-16 EnergeticBodyHealing.co.za All rights reserved globally.

And this one: And this one: Understanding Your Chakras http://foreverconscious.com/understanding-your-chakras

The word chakra means energy vortex or wheel and according to Ancient Indian philosophy we each have seven chakras that manage the energy of our body from our spine to the top of our head.
Each chakra plays a role in establishing our overall health and well being. For optimal health, these energy wheels need to be aligned, clear and balanced. It is believed that when these energy centers are imbalanced that physical and emotional disturbances occur.

The seven chakras each have a specific purpose and control both physical and emotional aspects of the body.

Root Chakra: is our grounding chakra. It begins at the base of the spine and grounds our soul to our body. This energy centre is responsible for protecting the spinal column, the rectum, legs, bones and feet. Emotionally it ties to survival, stability, acceptance, self preservation, perception, fear and safety.

Traditionally, the root chakra is associated with the color red and red crystals such as rubies, garnet and red jasper, as well as red foods and art can be used to heal this chakra.

When the chakra is out of balance, issues such as sluggishness, tiredness, obesity, hoarding, materialism, greed, fear of safety, inability to deal with change, lack of discipline and financial difficulty can occur. Physical dysfunctions can also occur such as bowel disorders, bone or teeth issues, lower back pain, depression and lack of energy.

When the root chakra is balanced, feelings of good health, vitality, being well grounded, trusting the world, feeling safe, stable and secure will prosper.

This chakra can be upset by birth trauma, abandonment, physical neglect, a poor relationship with the mother, malnourishment or inherited traumas such as living in war or poverty.

In order to heal this chakra it is recommended to get exercise, massage the lower abdomen and spine, reconnect with your body and accept yourself.

A Mantra for the Root Chakra:
“I feel grounded and secure in my body, I trust the universe and know that I am looked after. I am supported, safe and loved by mother earth.”

Sacral Chakra: is located in the lower abdomen and rules over sexuality, emotions, creativity and financial matters.

It is associated with the color orange and crystals such as amber, citrine or even orange foods can be used to enhance the energy of the sacral chakra.

This chakra helps to balance our sexual organs, intestines, lower vertebrae, kidneys, pelivis, appendix, prostate, hip area and our lymphatic system.

When the energy of this chakra is excessive, sexual addiction can occur as well as strong or sensitive emotions, seductive manipulation, attachment and addiction and emotional dependency. When the energy is deficient, issues such as poor social skills, fear of sex, lack of desire and passion, denial of pleasure and unwillingness to change can occur.

Physically when this chakra is out of balance sexual dysfunction or reproductive issues occur as well as urinary problems, digestive issues, spleen issues or appetite control issues.

Often this chakra can be upset by sexual or emotional abuse, manipulation, alcoholic parents, denial of feelings and neglect.

A Mantra for the Sacral Chakra-
“I acknowledge and accept my sexuality and give permission to myself to feel all that I feel. I understand that I deserve pleasure in life and I am comfortable with who I am.”

Solar Plexus Chakra: sits below the diaphragm and controls feelings of power, self-esteem and our relationship with our inner self.

Represented by the color yellow, crystals such as citrine, yellow topaz and tiger’s eye, as well as yellow foods or flowers can be used to heal this chakra.

Physically, this chakra looks after our respiratory system, our stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, adrenals, the lower back and the nervous system.

When the energy from this chakra is unbalanced issues such as poor self esteem, fearfulness, poor self discipline, aggression, feeling power hungry, or the need to be in control, feeling like a victim, blaming others or being overly competitive can occur.

When this chakra is balanced, feelings of inner harmony, self acceptance and respect for others can be felt.

When out of balance physically, digestive problems, colon and intestinal problems, ulcers, anorexia, pancreatitis, diabetes, gallstones, allergies and liver or stomach issues can occur. A constant feeling of coldness can also be felt.

This charka is usually effected by physical abuse, fear of punishment or shaming, living in a dangerous environment, feeling shameful of oneself or living in a dominating household or society.

In order to heal this chakra, it is important to deal with any self-loathing issues, or feelings of needing to be in control. Abdominal exercises and vigorous exercise can also help.

A Mantra for the Solar Plexus Chakra:
“I honor the power within me and know I hold the answer to my own destiny. I release my built up emotions and claim my personal power.”

Heart Chakra: this chakra rules the heart, cardiac system and chest. It also governs love, forgiveness, relationships, loneliness, depression and devotion.

The heart chakra is associated with both pink or green and can be supported by rose quartz, emerald and jade crystals or pink and green plants.

This chakra looks after the circulatory system, lungs, shoulders, arms, thymus gland, immune system and upper back and when imbalanced can lead to disorders in these areas including tension, breast problems, asthma and allergies.

Energetically, an imbalance in this chakra can lead to being demanding, jealous or possessive in relationships or anti-social, withdrawn, shy, judgemental, depressed or bitter. A fear of intimacy or relationships can also occur as well as over sacrificing oneself in relationships.

Traumas such as rejection, abandonment, loss, abuse, grief, divorce, death, feelings of not being loved and betrayal can harm this chakra.

When balanced, the heart chakra helps to promote compassion, self-love, empathy, peace and a good immune system.

In order to heal this chakra, one must learn to forgive, practice unconditional love and learn the true value of compassion and co-dependency.

Breathing exercises, working with the arms and self discovery can also help heal this chakra.

A Mantra for the Heart Chakra:
“I open myself to give and receive love. I forgive myself and others for past mistakes and I acknowledge that I am worthy and safe to love myself and others.”

Throat Chakra: Sits in the throat area and rules self expression, communication and speaking one’s truth.

Associated with the color blue, the throat chakra can be activated by blue crystals such as sapphire and lapis lazuli, eating blue foods or wearing blue clothes.

The throat chakra rules over the throat, thyroid, vocal cords, mouth, teeth, gums, jaws ears and muscles and when imbalanced, issues such as chronic sore throats, a raspy voice, mouth ulcers, gum problems, laryngitis, swollen glands, thyroid problems, headaches, ear problems and pain in the neck or shoulders can occur.

An imbalance in this chakra emotionally can lead to talking too much, talking as a defence, inability to listen, gossiping, stuttering, fear of speaking, talking in a soft voice, shyness, poor rhythm, being tone deaf or an inability to put feelings into words.

Lies, secrets, verbal abuse, constant yelling, criticism, authoritative parents or chemical dependency in the family are common traumas associated with throat chakra issues.

In order to heal this chakra, self control and developing confidence must occur. Learning to communicate effectively, knowing that you are worthy of your own opinion, practicing silence and listening to others can also facilitate healing.

Chanting, singing, voice work, throat exercises and story telling can also help to heal this chakra.

A Mantra for the Throat Chakra:
“I accept myself, feelings and emotions and know that I am worthy to express how I feel. I hear and speak the truth and I trust that I can express myself with clear intent.”

Third Eye Chakra: is located in the centre of the forehead and rules over our intuition, the mind, our imagination, intelligence and the ability to see life clearly.

It is associated with the color indigo and can be supported by amethyst crystals and lavender essential oil.

Physically, this chakra rules over our brain, nervous system, ears, eyes, nose, face and the pineal and pituitary gland. When imbalances occur, headaches, eye disease nose and sinus problems, brain tumors, neurological disturbances, seizures and learning disabilities can be experienced.

Emotionally when this chakra is out of balance, nightmares, hallucinations, headaches, difficulty concentrating, delusions, poor memory, insensitivity, lack of imagination and denial can ensue.

Often those who have grown up in frightening environments or those who experience lack of support or validation for intuitiveness or creativity can experience trauma to this chakra.

In order to heal this chakra, mediation, visualizations, creating art, working with memory or dreams, hypnosis or past life therapy can help.

A Mantra for the Third Eye Chakra:
“I trust my intuition and open my mind to the endless creativity of the universe. I am open to hearing and experiencing all that is aligned with light and love and I have the power to manifest my desires.”

Crown Chakra: is the portal to our spiritual self and is responsible for spiritual awakenings, karma, awareness and all things divine.

The colors represented by this chakra include purple, white, gold and silver and crystals that support this energy include diamond, quartz and selenite.

Physically, this chakra controls our muscular and skeletal system and our nervous system. When this chakra is imbalanced, energetic disorders, depression, migraines, amnesia, and sensitivity to the environment can be experienced.

Energetically, learning difficulties, materialism, greed, domination of others, spiritual addiction, dissociation from the body and depression can all be symptoms.

When this chakra is balanced, a feeling of deep spiritual connection can be felt as well as open-mindness, wisdom and a broad understanding of both the seen and unseen world.

Often experiences including, forced religion, fear of the unknown and spiritual abuse can cause trauma to this chakra.

To heal this chakra, an emotional, spiritual and physical connection needs to be made to the body. Meditation, understanding self and clearing the mind can all help.

A Mantra for the Crown Chakra:
“I am a divine spiritual being. I am guided by a higher power and my inner wisdom. I am love.”

Here are links to what I’ve written about chakras in the past.

What About the OTHER Chakras https://selqetkitty.wordpress.com/2013/02/01/344/

What About The OTHER Chakras!!!

I’ve seen a lot over the past year about developing the “third eye”, and how it relates to psychic ability and astral vision, how it relates to spiritual phenomena.

However, I also see a lot of frustrated people who work and work and work at developing their “third eye” (actually, it’s not really your THIRD eye – it’s your FIFTH if we’re going to be specific, but we’ll get to that in a moment), and never get anywhere… and the reason is that for true psychic development, you must have a well-rounded system, you must work to strengthen and clarify ALL your chakras, not just the one!

Here is a simple explanation of how each chakra works, as it relates to psychic phenomenon, in the order they should be worked on. May it strengthen you and carry you forward in your journey with many blessings.

The Root Chakra
Found either on the perineum (between the anus and the scrotum) or just about a quarter of an inch inside the vaginal wall, towards the anus, the root chakra, also connected to the foot chakra, relates directly to your connection to the material world. Without a correctly developed root chakra, well bonded to the Earth and the material plane, you run the risk of being lost in a sea of psychic abilities without control, and without the ability to distinguish what is merely mental trash and what is actually psychic impression. Also, all psychic abilities are based on energy – we draw energy into our bodies a variety of ways – air, food, exercise, sunlight – but we also draw energy into our bodies by our connection to the material plane, specifically to the Earth from which our bodies were made. Without that connection to constantly refresh and circulate healthy energy, a sickness called “Backlash” occurs, where using psychic abilities results in headaches, nausea, and other flu-like symptoms. Basically, the root chakra is the concrete foundation your psychic house is built on… without that foundation, your house will slowly be washed away by the energy flowing around you, and your actual body will sicken.

The Root faces downwards, and is connected to the central channel to which all the other Chakras are connected to. It radiates energy upwards as well as releasing old energy downwards into the Earth. With the exception of the Crown Chakra and the Ajna Chakra, all other chakras flow from back to front – they draw in energy from behind you, and into the central channel, and then out the front of your body, filling in your aura. Their first job is to stabilize the energy channels that keep your body alive, their secondary task is to fill in your aura, the protective envelope that keeps those energies contained.

Your Sacral Plexus Chakra
Found about three inches below the belly button and within the center of your body, facing forward, is the Sacral Plexus chakra. The Sacral Plexus chakra deals with how we connect to the elements in our world – not the Earth and the material plane, but the other life-forms within it. Believe it or not, everything you have ever touched, every feeling you have ever had, every thought related to a person, place, thing or idea, has a connection in your Sacral Plexus. Clearing the Sacral Plexus allows you to discard old behaviors and ideas, and also release old relationships that no longer serve you. It is a simple matter – cover your “womb” area with your hands, then in a cupping motion, gather the connections that are not for your highest good, the unnecessary connections, and gently remove those blockages from your sacral plexus area, and blow them back into the universe. Focus on sending them back to where they came from WITH UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. You’re not trying to hurt anyone, you just seek your freedom.

As for why the Sacral Plexus is important for psychic ability – this is where you connect to those you are tuning into. If your sacral plexus is clogged, or worse, sealed, you cannot connect, because there’s either too much gunk, or things slide off. This can lead to a feeling of disconnection not only in your material life, but also in your psychic life. Clearing the sacral plexus and working on your sense of self will allow you to connect more clearly. Just remember that every time you do something psychically, you need to clear your sacral plexus after, so that whoever or whatever you have connected to doesn’t remain in your aura, coloring your own thoughts and feelings.

The Sacral Plexus also deals with sex and sensuality, and the expression of emotions. Since the majority of psychic impressions are actually emotional ones, keeping this chakra clear can assist you in determining the difference between your own feelings and those of others, and also in accurately determining what IS your feelings and what is NOT.

Navel (Solar Plexus) Chakra
The Solar Plexus chakra is all about your personal power. Basically, if you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t have a firm grasp on not only your sense of your emotional self, but also your powerful spiritual self, you won’t be able to do a darned thing psychically, or worse, what you CAN do will leave you exhausted, confused, and may be jumbled up with fabricated impressions. This chakra is also the chakra most involved with being Centered – which if you’ve been exploring this forum, you’ve seen mentioned multiple times – it, along with grounding, is the first exercise ever taught to anyone learning magick or psychism. You will be told by website after website, book after book, and teacher after teacher, “Ground and Center! Ground and Center!”

Centering means to sit within your Powerful sense of self. It means to align yourself with that central channel that goes from the root to the crown, from the earth through the root, up the center channel, out the crown, into the universe. But it also means to sit in your Solar Plexus, and expand that sense of personal SELF, so that it fills your body with light, and that you spill that light, your essential self, into the earth and sky, just as the earth and sky fill YOU. When you constantly, and consistently work with your Solar Plexus chakra, you will learn things about yourself and your power, you will discover your strengths and your weaknesses, and how to expand those strengths and guard those weaknesses. Moreover, when you work with your solar plexus enough, you will lose the doubts that cripple and block psychic abilities.

The Heart Chakra
This is actually seven chakras – but the two most people focus on are the Green Heart Chakra and the Rose Heart Chakra. The other five need to be developed too, but that’s really an advanced step, and the best explanations I’ve ever found for those five are in a book called Kundalini and the Chakras, by Genevieve Paulson –http://www.amazon.com/Kundalini-Chakras-Evolution-Lifetime-Llewellyns/dp/0875425925 However – we’re working primarily with the two concepts of Love – Universal Love, and Self-Love. Believe it or not, psychic ability is based on Love. If you don’t feel connected to the universe, and you don’t feel love for yourself, these negative thoughts and feelings block out a lot of psychic impressions you might actually be receiving from the universe and from your own intuition. So clarifying and developing the Heart Chakras is very important for reception. The pink heart chakra is, obviously, about self-image and self-love, while the green heart chakra, about an inch above it, and much larger, is about Universal Love and Universal Receptivity to Love – they are both roughly in the center of the chest over the thymus gland. Development of the heart chakras not only helps with intuition, but also hearing Guides and inner guidance.

The Throat Chakra
Believe it or not, this chakra is the chief chakra involved with clairaudience. In other words… if your throat chakra is blocked, no amount of work on your third eye is going to net you any sound results at all… You might see stuff… but you aren’t going to HEAR anything. The throat chakra is all about communication of all kinds – your ability to both listen AND to express your true self. Having a clear and well-functioning throat chakra is the difference between hearing the truth in yourself and others, and wandering, blind, through a life of lies.

The Third Eye
Actually, there are Seven Eyes. Your dominant, your non-dominant, and then the five that go from the bridge of your nose between your physical two eyes, all the way up to your hair line. Again – if you’d like more information on the other four chakras (or even the two situated over your physical eyes – check out Paulson’s book. But we’re going to deal with the actual Fifth eye, centered in the middle of your forehead.

As you all know, the “third eye” is supposedly the base of all psychic perception – though you’re discovering how little truth that belief has, right now. However, it IS the center for your inner vision – please note I say INNER vision, and not EXTERNAL vision – so if you’re hoping to suddenly see your dragon with your naked eyes by working at peeling layers off your fifth eye, you’re probably spitting in the wind. While certainly it is eventually possible to see the layers of reality by working on incorporating the fifth eye and first and second eyes and encouraging them to work in tandem, it is as rare a gift as true telepathy. Most people who are labeled telepathic are just really, really strong empaths, or have some kind of clairsentience or clairaudience. But anyway, back to the fifth eye.

There are a LOT of Gifts out there. Sight is not the only one. It is entirely possible that you can work on your fifth eye for 20 years, and actually really make some progress, and never “SEE” anything. Instead, you may become powerfully precognitive. You might become really empathic. Your ability to heal may expand. You might begin to experience the thoughts of trees, animals, stones. Anything is possible. Inner vision is not just about SEEING… it’s also about all the other psychic abilities that you have. If it has to do with knowledge, it’s going to come from development of the fifth eye, in tandem, as I’ve mentioned, with the other six major chakras. Of course, if you’re kinetic, things are different. You might SEE kinetically (most kinetics can see atoms, or at least a weird type of DEPTH in objects that makes them more real to them – fuller), but the actual Gift is partially in your brain, partially in your heart and solar plexus, and partially in your HANDS.

The Fifth Eye is ALSO about astral vision – imagination and mental creativity. Even if you’re not Gifted at ALL (highly unlikely – I’ve never met a person on the planet who didn’t have SOME kind of psychic ability) everyone has the ability to dream, daydream, and create in some way. Just because you aren’t an artist doesn’t mean you’re not creative. Building a house is creative, calculating the perfect angle for a bookcase just by sight alone, is creative, but I sure as heck couldn’t do it!

The Crown Chakra
Last but not least, we have the Crown Chakra – how you connect to Universe, Divinity, your Higher Self, the Collective Unconscious, and Wisdom. Without a strong and clear crown, you will have NO connection to the spiritual realm, no matter how much work you do on the other chakras, even the third eye.

So. Now you see… it’s not all about the “Third Eye.” It’s actually all about ALL your chakras. They are a house… if you’re missing a wall, it’s not a house. If you’re missing the floor or the roof, it’s not a house. If you’re missing rooms, it’s not a house. If you’re missing the bathroom or the kitchen, it’s sure as heck not a place to live in.

Build your house.

Stop cleaning the windows, and work on the roof, the walls, the floor. Work on the whole structure, work with all the chakras, daily. Cleanse them, balance them, daily.
You will find that your work on the “third eye” chakra, when you work with the others, TOO, will net more, and better, results in the end.

For more reading, may I suggest fellow wordpress blogger article: http://lovelyharshal.wordpress.com/2011/01/22/which-blocked-chakras-are-causing-chaos-in-your-life/

I was an empath once. I don’t recommend the way I had to go to stop it, but I remember what it was like, so whenever I see anyone having difficulties, I feel like it’s my duty to share what I know about it.


"She’s all the unsung heroes who... never quit." ― R. A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land
“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet
“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
― H.L. Mencken, Prejudices: First Series

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Re: Handy Links for Empaths In Trouble -possible trigger warning

Postby NyctophiliaRaven » Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:03 pm

Chakra Lessons: Cleansing https://selqetkitty.wordpress.com/2017/11/15/chakra-lessons-cleansing/

Chakra Lessons – Cleansing

Close your eyes after reading this, and look for the root chakra. It will probably look a bit fuzzy. You’re looking for a reddish orb of energy that has four petals around it.

Another way to check your chakras is by feel. You have chakras in your palm. You can ask your spirit guides to open them, and rub your hands very briskly together for a few moments. As you pull them apart, you will feel them tingle. You can then wave your hand through your aura over the various locations of the chakras, and sense them with your palms. This will tell you information that drawing can’t… such as WHY a chakra has a certain thing going on inside it.

Now, close your eyes, and picture a ball of white light. Focus on this light as coming from the core of the universe. The intent is that this light is perfect for you – it’s for your highest good, it is unconditionally loving of YOUR energy frequency, and deeply healing.

The sacral plexus is orange, and has six petals. It is located two inches below your belly button and is centered between your back and front. All chakras are considered to be aligned with the spine, but this chakra can sometimes drift to the left a bit.

Locate your sacral plexus in the same way that you did the root chakra – either with activated palm chakras, or with visualization.

Between your root chakra and your sacral plexus, there are three main channels and two minor channels.

The central channel is the widest. It’s called the Sushumni channel. The outside two that wrap AROUND the chakras but do not connect TO the chakras are called Ida (right) and Pingala (leftI) nadir.
The two minor channels that directly connect the root to the sacral plexus on the outside of the sushumni are also called Ida and Pingala nadirs.

Remember to activate your palm chakras and use your visual techniques. Your channels will be white (sushumni) and offwhite or dark (ida/pingala)

On hand Chakras:
Your dominant hand is all about projection and protection. Your receptive hand is all about drawing in, but also taps into self-knowledge. You can use your left hand to check your chakras and your aura to tell you things about what’s going on with you. To activate them, request that your guides activate them, rub your hands briskly, and stretch them apart slowly until you feel the chakras open. Your hands will heat up and tingle.

The reason the Ida and Pingala nadirs are dark is because energy flows DOWN the ida and pingala nadirs, and the Sushumni is bright white because energy flows UPwards there. So check flow. Downwards is much more subtle and gentle. When you connect to the ida and pingala nadirs, you will feel your energy shift downwards, like grounding. When you connect to the sushumni, you will feel your energy rising, like kundalini. The channels take a bit.

So remember the white light I had you connect to and let flow through your root chakra?

I want you do do the same thing through all five channels between your root and your sacral plexus.

The sacral plexus is all about your connections – how you relate to the world around you.

Everything you touch is stored in the sacral plexus… which can make it very crowded. Outmoded ideas, and burnt in, tired patterns, are held here.

I call the sacral plexus the noun chakra. If it’s a person, place, thing, or idea, and you have ever related to it, it’s there.

It’s also a sexual chakra – but rather than your own sexuality… it deals with how you feel sexually about others. It also deals with how you relate to them sexually.

It’s about what you enjoy in life, when it’s healthy – the things that bring you pleasure. It’s also the seat of indulgence and addiction. This is the chakra that your feelings about the world come from.
One of the first self-care things that needs to be done with this chakra is… what are you holding there that is no longer useful, no longer serving your highest good, serving your growth as a person and as a spirit?

Bring in the white light energy… and SAY TO IT – “I release all unnecessary connections back into the universe, with unconditional love.” Know that the energy of those connections that is right now doing nothing but holding you back is going to be repurposed and directed towards someone else’s highest good now. And let go.

When you truly let something go out of your energy field, when you stop sucking it back in all the time, even if you’re surrounded by it, it no longer disturbs you, because it’s not inside you.

So keep weeding until your garden stops being soil that accepts those kinds of seeds. Your energy is programmable. You can teach yourself a new way to be, where things do not grow in you that you do not need.

We’re digging into the sacral plexus chakra. We’ve released the excess connections that are unnecessary and holding up progress. Now it’s time to clean up the mess that came from being stuck.
Again, bring in the light that we talked about, and let it wash through the entire chakra, cleansing, balancing, soothing.

Let it remove any stuck energy, and when you feel it’s a nice, strong, stable orange, we can move on to the channels above it.

It should also get a pulse to it.

Remember to draw that light all the way through, front to back.The opening that draws in, to the opening that pushes out. The front of the chakra – which is actually your back.

So the next step is to connect to the five channels moving to the solar plexus. The two that cross below the sacral and above the sacral (outer ida and pingala) the two that connect from the solar to the sacral (inner ida and pingala) and the central channel that flows up from the root through the sacral and now through the solar plexus (sushumni) all need to be checked and cleaned with the light.

The outer ida and pingala wrap around the chakra system like a DNA helix.

The inner ida and pingala, whose energies ALSO flow downwards, simply leap from chakra to chakra. The Sushumni, whose energies flow upwards is a river bed that gathers chakra energies like tributaries as it heads for the point above the crown where it fountains.

Both ida and both pingala nadirs terminate below your feet. They flow down your legs, and your arms. But that’s really technical and you don’t need to worry about it with a general cleansing.

The solar plexus is your center. It is your essential sense of SELF – just as the root is your sense of your body, the solar plexus is your sense of YOU. It is the seat of your self-confidence, and all your actions. Your belief about what you are capable or not capable of doing in the world comes from here. It’s all about achievable personal power. Willpower.

Having this chakra clear means you are able to be courageous, and take pleasure in your own accomplishments.

If you have issues with this chakra, you will tend to be a wallflower, but not in a positive way. An overactive chakra can make you egotistical and narcisstic. An underactive solar plexus will make you a professional doormat.

The chakra petals are an energetic Fibonacci sequence. 4, 6, 10, 12, 18, 3, 1000. lol

Time to bring on the light.

The difference between the upper and lower chakras which separates them is that the lower chakras all deal with your physical self. The upper chakras all deal with your perceptions and interactions with the outside world. The root is your body, the sacral plexus is sex and relationships. The solar plexus is your views about yourself and your ability to act in the world.

The heart is all about how you sense the world. The throat is all about how you communicate with that world. The Third Eye is all about how you see the world, and the crown is how your spirit connects to the spirits of the world. So all the upper chakras are externally focused.

Remember yesterday when I showed you how to open your perceptions, either by touch or by inward sight, to view your chakras?

Connect to your heart chakra. The heart chakra has 12 petals, is green with a rose outline around the outside, and as I said, is the seat of your emotional senses about the world around you.
This is how you interact intuitively with the world. The Third Eye is Sight – but the Heart is FEEL. There’s no point in being able to see the word if you can’t feel what your seeing actually means.
The heart chakra is also about love – but not just self-love, but being able to give and receive love with others, and the wider world.

When you are connected to your heart chakra, remember what I told you about connecting to the light that is the most balanced for you, the most attuned to your own highest good and your best purpose. This isn’t about white light, or anything like that. It’s about aligning yourself with your truest nature, your best balance, your most perfect you. Connect to the light that creates you as you create yourself… the blueprint, I suppose. It’s not going to be the light that anyone else is. It’s your light. Which means that if you work better with shadow – it will have the taste of shadow. It’s your light.

So bring that into you… and let it wash through the chakra. Remember that we’re going from the opening of the chakra in your back, and out the front. Let that energy wash through your chakra, setting everything to rights.

Look at what your heart chakra is right now… and then bring that intent in, and let that intent come through and fix everything up. And keep doing that until you know that your heart chakra is the best color and feel it can be.

You INTEND to connect to the light that is for your own highest vibrational good. The light that is the best light for you, and for your healing. When you put your mind into an intention, the very act of saying, “THIS is what I want,” is enough to call it to you. You are using a function of magickal WILL.


This is why I suggest that while this kind of basic healing can be done by most people, real healing that can be used for others shouldn’t be done by just anyone, but someone who really knows how to keep their intentions pure.

Your heart chakra is between your nipples on your sternum.

Some people will feel it a bit lower, some a bit higher, but generally, it’s in the middle there. The thing is that the heart chakra isn’t actually a single chakra. It’s actually 7 chakras starting at the base of the sternum and climbing upwards in sequence to the hollow of your throat.

The throat is located just over your adam’s apple. Women and men have them – just feel for it if you’re a chick, because it’s not physically as obvious as in men. The throat chakra is a blue that is very changeable, but is frequently a whiteish blue – a pale blue to sometimes turquiose color. It has 16 petals. The throat rules vocality. It is “I Speak,” so is all about speaking your personal truth. Not THE truth – but your PERSONAL truth. If you’re not into self-expression, you probably have a muddy or even blocked chakra here.

The throat is all about communication, both within and without. If you don’t listen to yourself, or you don’t listen to others, if you don’t speak deeply or honestly, if you avoid confrontation or prevaricate… you have an issue here.

Because the throat is all about speaking your truth, any time where you are deceiving yourself, this chakra is going to take the fall… and because it’s smaller than some of the other chakras, when it falls, your whole outlook on the world falls with it. A recursive chakra here will actually turn you into a mouse just as much as a poorly developed solar plexus. They often feed each other.

Not angry confrontation, but… have you ever felt something deeply, and ignored your feelings because you wanted to keep the peace around you, or didn’t want to deal with confrontations with your friends or family? That’s a throat chakra issue. Speaking your truth is about speaking those feelings – not about shoving them in people’s faces, or about forcing them to your way… the throat is all about letting EVERYONE have their personal truth, as long as they let you have yours.

If you refuse to speak up when there are issues, calmly and clearly, but just clam up instead and put up with things that don’t work for you, you’re going to have all kinds of addictions that are about jamming that chakra up. It’s not about speaking what you think. It’s not about speaking what you’re taught to think. It’s about standing up for what your soul believes to be true. Standing up for your heart.

When you speak from a spiritual place, you speak calmly, and you state your thoughts and feelings, and then you let go. It’s not aggressive, it doesn’t hurt others, or if it does, it’s only because of their attachments to lies, not because you are deliberately hurting them. You speak your truth and let it go. That is how to keep the throat chakra pure.

I tell people in situations where they cannot speak, that they must remain true to themselves, and speak the truth to themselves. They must be as honest as they can be with others, they must be honest in their actions… and whatever they cannot be honest about, they must be honest somewhere else. Tell a tree. Tell a sheet of paper. Whisper it to the wind. Tell the truth to something. It will help.
So now, connect to your throat chakras, and see what they are doing. If you see any blurring or blemishes, any places that are too dark, ask them why, what are they withholding. Listen to your truth. When you are ready… bathe it in that light, and cleanse it.

If your throat chakra is hurting you, ask it why, where the blockage is, or where you are underactive or overactive, and what you need to do to resolve it. That’s one thing that people seldom do that they really should do the most… talk to your chakras. ASK THEM TO TELL YOU WHAT’S GOING ON.

Time to work on the third eye. The first thing you all need to know is… it’s not your third eye.

Your third eye is indigo, and has two petals. It rules the unseen world, the inner world, but also the astral world. What you see in your mind and what you see with magickal and psychic senses comes from here… but only what you SEE. Secondly, the third eye is actually the fifth eye. It’s located in the center of your forehead. Below it is your fourth eye, below which is your third eye at the bridge of your nose, and then your second eye is your left eye, and your first eye is your right. Above the fifth eye, you have two more eyes, the last one being at the hairline.

The fifth eye is also vastly different from your other chakras in that it is centered in the middle of your brain, in darkness, and also in that it’s start is on your forehead, and it’s petals bloom out the back of your head… so when working with this charka, instead of going from the back of your body to the front, you go from the front of your face to the back of your skull.

So everyone knows what the “third eye” looks like and what it does and where it’s located? At the curve of the skull as it heads towards the crown. Think… if you put your hair in a ponytail, it would be around that area. Hair is actually the third eye’s antenna.

When you feel you have learned about any possible dysfunction, make a note to yourself about what’s going on and a solution… and then bring in the light to cleanse it. Remember that with this chakra, you go from the forehead to the back of the skull and out, not from the back of the skull out the forehead.

The final chakra is the crown chakra. It’s located at the fontinel of your skull. It is VERY large, larger than your hand. It has 1000 petals, and is white and purple. It covers from the hairline at your forehead, a whole cap around the top of your skull. The crown is all about knowledge.

The crown is all about being calm, being strong, knowing your own self and your own way. It’s also about being deeply connected with universal oneness. It’s about being in tune with everything in the world. The crown touches everything, and then the eye and the heart interpret it, and feed that interpretation back into the crown for you to understand.

Everyone, connect to your crown now, and look for any issues, or anything that you’re doing RIGHT… because the crown is all about rightness.

Keep in mind that the crown isn’t about losing sight of yourself, or losing your own boundaries or definitions of self. It’s not about becoming nothing. The crown is the seat of yourself, as you fit in the universe, just as much as it’s the seat of the universe as it fits in yourself.

A lot of people who work the LHP tend to think that the upper chakras will pull them off that path… that isn’t the case. If anything, the upper chakras can refine how they decide to act, by telling them about how they think and feel about the outside world, and how it returns the favor – they reinforce choice, rather than taking it away and forcing universal connections. You can’t force something that is omnipresent. You are in the universe. You can’t get more connected than that.

One last thing… ask your crown how your connections to source and yourself are. Ask to see those connections and make sure they are all in, and functioning correctly.

When you’ve all connected to your crowns, and made sure that everything you need to know is understood, bring in the light, and this time, wash it from your crown, all the way down to the soles of your feet and into the earth. At the SAME time, bring a SECOND light up from the core of the earth… and run it through your root and all the way up, out your crown, and into the center of the universe. When you feel completely refreshed, balanced, poised between heaven and earth… you can relax, center, ground, and call it done.

I told you I was tired and would forget something… If everyone would check their idas and pingalas and sushumni from their sacral up, that would be a good thing. Run the light through all five channels.
If your chakra is blocked or there is a problem with it, when you look at it or feel it, it will feel/look smudged, or you will feel pain associated with the area, or tightness, like a lump in your chest for a blocked heart chakra. Look for dark patches where the glow is diminshed or even extinguished.

If you can visualize your chakras and get nice sensations with those visualizations, chances are that your imagination is not in overdrive, but fairly accurate. If you’re concerned about the health of your chakras, simply do a cleansing and clearing exercise in addition to your usual meditation work, every time you work with them. Cleansing and clearing should be done daily, anyway. Trust me, if your chakras start having issues, you’ll know. It’ll start with emotional and mental issues, and swell into physical issues. There will be emotional swings, negative thoughts associated with the particular chakra, and then physical feelings – first almost like indigestion, slowly swelling to actual physical illness. You can check out google, as many websites mention the side-effects of having an imbalanced chakra and include the physical diseases… for example, if your solar plexus gets blocked enough to become unbalanced, you can end up with not only feelings of codependency and victimhood/powerlessness, but also diabetes and gall stones. See how it works?

I always SUGGEST to my chakras that they close after I’m finished working with them, but as with the elements and deities, it’s always a: close if you will, stay open if you must, kind of thing. They’ll slowly dial back down on thier own when they’re ready. Forcing them open or closed, and I don’t mean the gentle coaxing/asking but actual force, will cause blockages. Most meditations don’t mention closing them because most practitioners know that as you leave meditational space, and your brain ramps back up from theta levels to alpha levels, the chakras tend to close up on their own, because you’re becoming more connected to this here/now reality and less connected to your internal energetic reality. There’s less energy flow – not much, but it does become reduced – so they slowly ramp down. I, personally, prefer to, as a part of the meditation, just because I’m a neat and tidy kind of personality, ask them to close up before I begin to lift myself up out of that space. But that’s just me. It’s not necessary.

The OTHER Chakras

There are bone chakras and joint chakras, chakras for the organs, auric chakras…

There are seven chakras in each heel. Then there is the main foot chakra that’s split in half, one on one arch, the other on the other arch. There are chakras going up the back on either side of the spine. There are seven hearts, there are seven eyes, there are over a thousand crown chakras. There are chakras in your palms and chakras on each fingertip beyond the joint and bone chakras.

There are other extra chakras that relate to your other bodies – and while you have three bodies (physical, astral, and spiritual) there are seven planes each body exists on… so there are seven layers to each body, and each layer has its own chakras.

Then there are soul chakras.

It’s very complicated and we’ve only just begun to plumb the depths of the extremely complicated system of energetic structures that make up our experiences.

The reason I only usually write about the seven major physical chakras is because, before you even think about working with the minor chakras, or even advancing to the bone and joint chakras, before you think about mastering the chakras in the layers of your three bodies, and reach for soul chakras…

A good foundation, a balance and clear Major System, is absolutely necessary.

Without that… the potential for doing more harm than good is… obviously… extensive.

"She’s all the unsung heroes who... never quit." ― R. A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land
“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet
“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
― H.L. Mencken, Prejudices: First Series

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Re: Handy Links for Empaths In Trouble -possible trigger warning

Postby NyctophiliaRaven » Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:04 pm

Purification Ritual for Cleansing and Clearing the Chakras

Purification Ritual for Cleansing And Clearing The Chakras

NOTE: Do this entire exercise once a day for at least one week. After that first week is up, do the full ritual once a week, and as a daily exercise, ask your guides which parts of the ritual you need to do each day – for example… Having done the full exercise every day for one week, I sit down with my guides and ask them, "Do I need to do the balls of light? Do I need to do the vibrational healing? Do I need to connect my chakras – and if so, which ones? Do I need to balance the energies between my chakras, and if so, which chakras should I work on? Do I need to do a heavy cleansing and clearing of my chakras today? Do I need to work on raising my vibrations? Do I need to re-shield my chakras or my auric body?" The answers to these questions will dictate what I do that day.

I have also found that grounding and centering before and after each section of this exercise makes it much more efficient.

Bright blessings… and Good Luck – I hope you find this ritual useful in your healing and growing.


Run a bath with cleansing herbs.

Soak in the bath for about five minutes before beginning the ritual cleansing. Use this time to connect yourself to the Vibrational Healing Universal Love Light ("I am now connecting to the Vibrational Healing Universal Lovelight with unconditional love.") (Yes, you really do have to say it that way.)

Ground and center.

While in the bath, use vibrational healing (for this, use the mantra Hamsaha Sohum). Start at the crown chakra, and work your way down, using the mantra 27 times per chakra, then drawing the energy downwards with four fingers to the next chakra 9 times using the mantra Shreem.

To reiterate, connect to the energy, place your left hand on your stomach over your belly button, place your right hand on your crown with your middle finger in the depression at the top of your skull, circle your middle finger clockwise saying Hamsaha Sohum 27 times, then using four fingers draw the energy down nine times to your third eye while saying Shreem each time you draw the energy down. Then cup your third eye with your right hand, palm over the gap between your eyebrows, fingers pointing towards the top of your forehead (I find that the heel of my hand fits perfectly between my eyes, resting on the very top of my nose), and say Hamsaha Sohum 27 times, then draw the energy down with Shreem to your throat chakra, move your right hand sideways back and forth over your throat, caressing the front of your throat with your fingers. When working on the heart chakras, circle clockwise from shoulder to shoulder, down to the edge of your rib cage with your right hand while saying the first mantra. For the solar plexus, cup the area as if you’re pregnant and resting your hand on the top of your expanded womb. When doing the sacral plexus, again cup your womb as if you were pregnant and holding the bottom of your expanded womb… for the sacral plexus chakra you may find that moving in clockwise circles around the area including your hips is helpful. For the root chakra, use your middle finger. Circulate clockwise, pressing upwards and inwards. Keep your left hand over your bellybutton throughout the whole exercise – you will have to lift it up when you draw the energy from your solar plexus to your sacral plexus, but that is the only time you should lift it up.

Ground and center.

When you have done this daily for one week, when you have completed Hamsaha Sohum AND Shreem, follow this with Kleem, drawing energy downwards from crown to root nine times using five fingers.

Ground and center.

When you are finished with your vibrational healing, reach towards the light you have connected to for this process and draw out of that stream of light a large white ball of energy. Draw this down into your crown and through all your chakras and the main channel that connects them all together, and out your feet and into the ground. Allow the ball of light to (spinning clockwise) cleanse and clear each chakra and channel as it moves through you. Now do the same exercise only draw the energy ball from the earth, up through your feet and out your crown. Ground both balls of light outside of you (do not draw them back inside you in order to ground them.)

Ground and center.

Drain the bath completely before getting out of the tub.

The next exercise is to reconnect all your chakras to each other, balance the energy flowing through them all, do a deep cleansing to clear them all of excess energy, blockages, and unnecessary connections, raise their vibrations and then shield them all.

You have twelve major chakras:

First Chakra (Root – Muladhara)
At base of spine
Physical chakra
Bones, muscles, lower extremities

Second chakra (Sacral Plexus – Swadhishtana)
Region of pelvic cavity. Between navel and base of spine
Physical chakra
Reproductive organs, spleen balance

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus – Manipura)
Abdomenal region (navel)
Physical chakra
Digestion, adrenal balance, ulcers

Fourth chakra (A) (Heart – Anahata)
Heart region
Emotional chakra
Heart. lungs, immune system, thymus balance

Fourth chakra (B) (Heart)
Heart region ( above the green chakra)
Emotional chakra
Heart. lungs, immune system, thymus balance

Fifth chakra (Throat – Vishuddha)
Translucent Blue
Emotional chakra
Throat, upper bronchials, neurological, thyroid balance

Sixth chakra (Third Eye – Ajna)
Third eye, forehead between the eyebrows .
Mental/Spiritual chakra
Pituitary gland, facial area (eyes, nose,ears)

Seventh chakra (Crown – Sahasrara)
Crown of head
Spiritual chakra
Pineal gland, brain area

Eighth chakra
Below the feet approximately 6"
Etheric chakra
Feminine energy, grounds to earth

Ninth chakra
Above the head approximately 6"
Etheric chakra
Masculine energy, connects to Source

Tenth chakra
Palm chakra of dominant hand
Etheric chakra
Protection, contains all color

Eleventh chakra
Palm chakra of non-dominant hand
Etheric chakra
Clarity and truth, contains all color

Twelfth chakra
Outside layer of auric field and approximately 12" below feet
Etheric chakra
Provides experiences for testing, energy movement, and grounding; contains all color

For this exercise, you will need a pendulum, dowsing rods, tarot cards that you will ONLY use for chakra work, or some other form of divination that allows you to ask yes or no questions, and can inform you when the task you are working is completed. You will also need the assistance of your guides so before beginning be sure to ask for their presence during your cleansing/healing work.

Ground and center.

First connect to your root chakra. Say "I am now connecting to my root chakra. I am now releasing all excess energy from my root chakra back into the universe with unconditional love. I am now releasing all blockages from my root chakra back into the universe with unconditional love. I am now releasing all unwanted and unnecessary connections from my root chakra back into the universe with unconditional love." Do this for all twelve chakras, in this order: Root, sacral, solar, heart a, heart b, throat, third eye, crown, 8th chakra (six inches below root), 9th chakra (six inches above crown), 10th and 11th chakras (right and left palms), and the 12th chakra (12 inches below root). Use your dowsing rods to confirm that each task is completed before moving on to the next task or the next chakra. I find that cupping the energy you are releasing with your hands, raising your hands to your mouth and blowing the energy up and out towards the universe and away from yourself is very effective as a physical visualization.

Ground and center.

You will continue to use this same order for the following processes: reconnecting, balancing, cleansing, clearing, raising the vibration, and shielding, grounding and centering after each process.
Sink into the chakra you are going to work on – think of it as a new way to center. Once you are in the chakra, visualize connections, really FEEL those connections, feel the energy flowing, from that chakra to other chakras and back again, as you make them.

Say: "I am now connecting to my root chakra. I am now connecting my root chakra to my sacral plexus chakra. I am now connecting my root chakra to my solar plexus chakra. I am now connecting my root chakra to my green heart chakra. I am now connecting my root chakra to my rose heart chakra. I am now connecting my root chakra to my throat chakra. I am now connecting my root chakra to my third eye chakra. I am now connecting my root chakra to my crown chakra. I am now connecting my root chakra to my 8th chakra. I am now connecting my root chakra to my 9th chakra. I am now connecting my root chakra to my right palm chakra. I am now connecting my root chakra to my left palm chakra. I am now connecting my root chakra to my 12th chakra. I am now connecting my root chakra to all my minor chakras." Again use your dowsing rods to confirm that each task is completed before moving on to the next stage.

Repeat this connection phase with each of your 12 chakras and your minor chakras. Remember to sink into each chakra before beginning, and to visualize and FEEL the connections as you make them.

Ground and center.

Now, do exactly the same thing that you did with the connections, only replace the word "connecting" with the word "balancing." Again, remember to sink into the chakra you are working on, and really FEEL the energy balancing between each chakra. This exercise will also help to clear the nadis or meridians, the channels between each chakra. If you feel it is necessary, make a separate exercise to purify the nadis. The three most important of these channels are the Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala nadis. Pingala regulates flow in the left side of the body. Ida regulates energy flowing on the right side. Sushumna is the central channel between the twelve major chakras that carries kundalini energy from the Root to the Crown.

Ground and center.

Now do exactly the same thing as before, only use the words "Cleansing and Clearing." Use the white light visualization if this helps. Remember to sink into each chakra, cleaning them from the inside out, whereas before, you were cleaning from the outside in.

Ground and center.

Again, just as before, but this time use the words "Raising the vibrations." See the outer lining of the chakra you are working on gain a golden ring around it. See your aura gain a golden glow. At this time you may also like to raise kundalini energy from the root to the crown in the same way.

Ground and center.

And finally, use the word "Shielding." Visualize the shields on each chakra, and visualize a shield over your entire aura. Say "Hreem" three times for each chakra shield, and when you shield your entire aura, shield from the bottom up, using the same mantra, three times on the left foot, three times in the middle, three times on the right foot, three times on the left of your waist, three times at your front, three times to the right side of your waist, three times to your back, three times to your left shoulder, three times to your head, and three times to your right shoulder. Draw this yantra symbol over the area you are working on, each time you say Hreem.


Ground and center.

Additional Note: You will be VERY bright when you are finished with the ritual, but the shield will dim that down so you don’t blind people who Look at you. Also, don’t be surprised if the shield makes you feel like you’re walking inside a ball. You are. It’s OK.
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Re: Handy Links for Empaths In Trouble -possible trigger warning

Postby Dropturvey » Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:38 pm

I found this info so useful. Thanks so much for posting. Especially the idea that empaths are 'made'. I will be coming back to this info again and again as I feel there is a lot here to be understood.
Cheers Nycto

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Re: Handy Links for Empaths In Trouble -possible trigger warning

Postby NyctophiliaRaven » Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:53 pm

You are very welcome. I hope it helps.

Good luck!

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“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet
“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
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Re: Handy Links for Empaths In Trouble -possible trigger warning

Postby Chouki » Sun Nov 26, 2017 2:56 pm

Vey Nice Raven,
I remember that, 2 years ago, i have begin to see how i affected a entire bunch of people around me...
It has begin, when i felt i was a little bit depressed, everybody would fight (SILLY fights) or talks about deaths in their family, what is completely not normal for youngsters who are there to just have fun,
( more then 10 young people)
All a of sudden, nobody had nothing else to say, them depressing about their feelings and how life is so hard!
and it happened for more then a year...
I did some test, and i saw, when i was sending happy energy, people felt awesome and all conversations where turned around travel, have fun, remembering nice things that have happening in their childhood!

Since then, i understood whenever i am around persons that have no training about energy, i could control the atmosphere somehow, and i stopped to be negative about people!^^

Since then, i am having fun with people that are around me,
and there is nothing that pleases me more then give then a good laugh, even if life is hard for them,
in this kind of relationship i can see why i am on Earth, it is to spread happiness!hehe!


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