Was this lucid or AP?

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Was this lucid or AP?

Postby Skyewind » Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:22 pm

I decided to fall back asleep this morning and had a short day nap. Was dreaming around for a little bit and then everything went to black like usual.
Felt conscious like I could wake up again if I wanted, but my body felt like it was vibrating gradually, convulsing with a small vibrate then it started keeping up the vibrating till it became it's most intense.
I let it happen since the last time I felt my body vibrate, I rejected and woke up in sleep paralysis, it took a bit then everything just felt inert like everything was moving around me while I was laying down.

I was on a train and I was questioning whether it was dream or astral, so I kept telling myself not to draw a sword or 'do anything stupid', but my curiosity made me want to grab my hip weird which made other people look at me. I felt like I could move my whole body, I lined up with a bunch of old men who were standing by the door to the platform, saw myself in the window and I also looked old and wearing a suit like them, so I patted myself and gave myself my favorite jacket and messed my hair around till it was like my usual style. Walked off the train and felt in control but went searching around, hoping one of my spirits was nearby just masquerading as a local, felt a tickle in my throat then it all ended and I woke up. 1hd

If thats Astral, I was expecting a more Medieval-ish or Renaissance world.
If that was lucid dreaming, how come I vibrated so much before hand?

I'm kinda left confused after that, all I know is I got my power orb activated and I have an astral projection spell so today might've been the day... possibly...

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Re: Was this lucid or AP?

Postby darkwing dook » Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:00 pm

Mmm sounds more like dream.
The vibration might be the transition phase : )

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