Third eye opening- what do you see in complete darkness ?

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Re: Third eye opening- what do you see in complete darkness ?

Postby Ranka Marx » Sun Dec 31, 2017 11:35 pm

Sen wrote:Interesting, does it start off in complete darkness and slowly appears ?

Yes, takes a few minutes to kick in and then gradually I see room details then shapes. I almost can’t believe it, I would touch my eyes to make sure they are closed, lol!

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Re: Third eye opening- what do you see in complete darkness ?

Postby Sen » Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:52 am

Something just happend lol. Short story, i got super wasted for new years, i then passed out woke up right before 12 for the ball drop and i was trying hard to go back to sleep and all of the sudden my ear drums and my body went numb like a super high vibration almost like losing my hearing. Proceeded to seeing 2 clearly green orbs i assume was eyes. And this is my first time experiencing sleep paralysis lol. Then i saw what i think is my spirit/entity and it didnt look like human(just one of them) (in my minds eye). I think i felt fear and excitement at the same time. I hope i didnt scare them away because i felt fear. I mean it was my first time >.>, anyhow it lasted for maby 10 seconds and now i can feel my body vibrating and i think i can feel my fan's vibration lol notsure.

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