Darkness inside our heart.

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Re: Darkness inside our heart.

Postby Willpower » Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:36 am

Dark sides aren't necessarily "negative" or "evil" in a the same sense. They can draw upon those emotions, and more easily for some, but it's not what makes up that side metaphorically.

I see, I somehow didn't catch that, thanks for explaining and correcting.

^_^ Merely will have to wait and see, and perhaps practice on telepathy, or another medium of communication. Trust me, it will come with time ;)

Hehe, thanks. Believe it or not this quote settles me down. I'm having a hard time mostly, for believing in my journey. My mind usually clouded with doubts, I hardly believe my companion, and I kinda frustrated because my attempt for a deeper bonding didn't give any result. Well, I'll be more patience I guess, and keep trying as far as I can. :)

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