Spirit(s) Communicating with Time and Songs

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Spirit(s) Communicating with Time and Songs

Postby Empathic_Cap » Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:25 pm

As a young psychic/medium for the past few days I've discovered that the spirit world and the divine particularly like to communicate with me by using the numbers that are seen on the clocks. While other times if I'm doing a tarot reading of some sort they will put a song upon the radio where the lyrics or some parts will trigger my Clairsentiences. Which I'll either help me answer a particular question or just a general message.

For an example of my experience: I did a reading about a man who was sacrifice from the Illuminati for the engagement of Prince Harry and Megan. Anyways I asked the spirit through the tarot what the mans cause of death was. Throughout me asking this question as I was shuffling the man was getting really pissed because I kept on asking for his cause of death and he would reply "I was a <<Removed by mod>> sacrifice".

This all occurred at 10:06am which the meaning of this time as a Angel Number means that you need to think positively and go down a positive path in life. At this time on the radio the song "Wrapped around your Fingers" by The Police these particular lyrics stood out to me while I was shuffling "Trust your intuition and your your thoughts willcome to fruitful".

This song really hit upon many levels because in Songfacts http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=1683, Sting talks about knowing a friend who was a Professional psychic and was a tarot tutor for him. After writting about the song i watched the video which Sting was surrounded by a whole heap of candles which seriously looked like they were setting a scene for a spell or something. So that's my experience as anyone else experienced the spirits communicating through numbers or music?
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