POWERFUL !! Fallen sepherine Angel

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POWERFUL !! Fallen sepherine Angel

Postby VAMPIRELOVER » Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:14 am

EXTREMELY POWERFUL !! Fallen sepherine Angel and has Braston !!! he has shoulder length wavy golden brown hair , blue eyes and a extremely muscular build with large white wings that expand over 6 feet . his presence is very powerful and commanding as he enters a room !! he is highly sexual and has an legions of angels of many ranks beside him . he is very resourceful in many ways of protection . he offers wealth , protection , luck , removal of blocks , creativity , honesty , clarity , loyalty , prosperity , abundance , removal of hexes/curses , removal of all doubt , knowledge of the beginning of the first fall , knowledge , revenge , retribution , curses/hexes , casting , conjuring , healing , removal of negativity , banishing , opening /closing portals , opening new roads that lead to new beginnings and much much more !! his vessel of choice is a amber gold tone bracelet with enchanted for wealth , financial gain , prosperity , protection , turning your luck around , balance , clearing , creativity , good luck , removal of neg karma , we have also enhanced the natural metaphysical properties so you may experience the natural blessings of this stone !! It is believed that amber: Balances emotions.
Attracts good luck.
Eliminates fears.
Relieves headache. Clears the mind.
Dissolves negative energy. Helps develop patience and wisdom. <3 https://www.bonanza.com/listings/Extrem ... /545271830

UH OH! I just watched the little devil from my left shoulder, drop kick the little angel off my right shoulder.. This can't be good.

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