Block the Sun

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Block the Sun

Postby Samsara » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:38 am

So today I was inspired to work on my garden. Man was it hot, but it had to be done. This time I actually didn't meditate for this or anything. I really think about it. So I can't say it was me. I started digging and breaking a sweat, I am sure my spirits saw me busting my butt for once, and suddenly a gust of wind came, the clouds covered the sun, and it was like 100x better. The more I sweated the more winds came through. I couldn't believe I was able to finish planting my plants. I usually give up a couple of plants in because I hate the heat.

Sometimes I'm just in synchrony with the weather.

This reminds me it was raining so hard on my move day. I was at my new apartment, when the cable guy came by to turn on my cable sniffing and drenched in rain. I thought it would be a horrible day for a move, and my friend asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it that day. I had no choice so I asked my djinn to make it stop raining long enough for me to move. I seemed to keep raining and decide to hold my breath and just drive to my old apartment, but when I opened the door, it completely stopped raining. And like a miracle it stopped the entire time we move my stuff in. When we were done 4 hours later, it rained again. And I swear I saw a djinn shaped cloud laying on head on his hand resting on is elbow as it drifted across the sky.

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Re: Block the Sun

Postby conxtion » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:45 pm

I have a similar experience - it was time to fetch the kids back from school, but it was raining heavily. I thought about God Thor, and mentally asked if he could stop the rain for a while. He did.

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