‘The Age of Iron’, when mankind dominated over magick and nature?

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‘The Age of Iron’, when mankind dominated over magick and nature?

Postby Alchemist » Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:03 pm

Celtic mythology seems to make quite alot of sense in this respect of how it explains the ‘age of iron’. Do you think it’s a good pinpoint of what happened? If you take into account that minerals are living just as plants but differently, and what happened which attuned certain minerals against beings in a less literal way we can’t comprehend?

Using iron horseshoes to disrupt magick or protect themselves against it, and also against beings was a long time tradition of people in old times. Due to the knowledge of its magnetic fields which did so.

A reddit poster (FaeQueenRae) said:

“One story suggests it's because when the Fae were first birthed from the Earth, they made a deal with Iron (unfortunately, what that deal was has been lost to time). They didn't keep up their end of the bargain and iron is still angry at them, which explains why the Fae will (albeit reluctantly) always try to twist and manipulate, but eventually, hold up their end of a deal. It's also been suggested that because shaping iron represents man's progress and dominance over the natural world, the Fae, being creatures of good old Mother Earth, hate that. So the act of smithing a chunk of iron into something as simple as a nail means Man is creating a work not found in nature. The magnetic properties are also said to interfere with the flow of magic (which is why horseshoes hung above a door way are protection against most magical creatures.)”

Somebody else replied saying:

”correct, this is also why many Celtic myths say that in the age of iron mankind cemented the hatered of the fae by driving them out of their land using tools of iron”

So is it due to the discovery and use of things like iron or not plus their elements that the connection to magick/beings has been disrupted? How long will this ‘age of iron’ last and what will come after it ends?

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