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Postby Filat » Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:17 am

Hello all. My name is Filat. I have been poking around the forum for a while now without an account, there is a lot of interesting information to be found- I think I'll be sticking around for a while, though you likely won't see me posting outside of this area frequently as I generally prefer to lurk unless I have a question.

I have been involved in Spirit Work for a very long time, and have extensive practice vetting and binding various spirits and entities. Despite my long term involvement, I have only started listing bindings for sale publicly fairly recently, and had not created a shop until even more recently- earlier this month. I still need to add several things to it, but I wish to go ahead and provide the link. I have exclusive contracts with several species, on top of working with a variety of individuals from a great many species running the full gamut of white to black arts. Most of my listings will be preconjures or species-specific RAs [meaning that someone from the species in question whom I am already working with/vetting will step forward for you] as opposed to Custom Conjures, simply to keep orders to a more manageable level for myself, as conjuring is fairly intensive and takes a large amount of energy.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope you enjoy the current and future listings from The Spirit's Keep.

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