the Maya's - a bigger civilization that originally thought?

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the Maya's - a bigger civilization that originally thought?

Postby Fireshadow » Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:06 pm ... 90626.html

so I just watched a documantary on National Geographic, about Maya Snake Kings... and they were talking about discoveries. How they used some Laserthing, in the Jungle of Guatemala, to discover more about Mayan cities... with the Laser and some computer work they could put some pictures in 3d on the screen, and then with some science they made all trees dissapear on the photo. So then they figured out that they just made the biggest discovery in 100 years. That the Mayan cities where far bigger than they originally thought. Basically there lived more than 20 million Maya's in those times... or something, like a very big number. Basically now thanks to this discovery, the Maya's can be written down in the list of oldest and most big civilizations of history, next or almost close to the Egyptian civilization of Farao's and pyramide's and papyrus.

But my question during this documentary was like... oh great, now I'm scared. Cause seriously, what happened afterwards that such a civilization ceased to exist? I always thought it's thanks to Columbus that the Mayans dissapeared, but now I'm just getting to understand that's it's clearly a mystery as what happened with the Mayans? And clearly it's a bigger mystery than the Lost colony, cause the lost colony was only a few of hunderd people... not 20 million? I mean... It's quite a scary thought that such a large number of people could just... dissapear or stop working? Or... I don't know. Does anyone has an idea or well, a friendly spirit from Mayan times who could explain more about it?

But one of my thoughts was during the time I watched this documentary, that there was NO jungle in the time that these cities trived? Because clearly how are you going to build a big city like let's say New York in a Jungle?

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Re: the Maya's - a bigger civilization that originally thought?

Postby darkwing dook » Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:01 am

It's an amazing discoveries : D

About the jungle, over time nature (the jungle, sand, etc) would take over if no one stops it and the conditions allow it. Example is the pyramid buried in sand, or the most recent one is Fukushima: ... rness.html

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Re: the Maya's - a bigger civilization that originally thought?

Postby WhimsicalSage » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:32 pm

The Spanish wiped out the Aztecs. The Mayans were before this. As far as i'm aware, it was long since believed that the Mayans were swallowed by other cultures at the time. But really it's a mystery as to exactly what happened to them. I think there is several theories though but I can't remember them all off by heart.

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Re: the Maya's - a bigger civilization that originally thought?

Postby Likes2Read » Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:54 pm

I remember reading, in the year that the Mayan calendar was supposedly ending, that there are some indigenous people in South America whose response to "The Mayans disappeared" is something like laughter and "They think we disappeared". So there are people living today who are descended from Mayans. Now, what do THEY say their ancestors did? Maybe someone should ask them what happened after the ancients abandoned the cities in which they once lived. Maybe there is an explanation and we just haven't asked the right questions of the right people yet.

Given the way indigenous people were treated by the people who arrived on these shores, if I were them, I wouldn't feel compelled to volunteer anything about my culture or history to anyone outside the culture who didn't have the good sense to ask.

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