I ignored her ;-; but I said sorry <3

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I ignored her ;-; but I said sorry <3

Postby Angellyden » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:23 am

So my diamond dragon who is bonded to my spirit or unique energy, has been home with since 3pm of today. I couldn't feel or sense her or knew she was her. I did however put a offering out for her the day before, and today talked to her about everything. Since I didn't sense or feel her, I couldnt tell if she was really with me. I started doubting if she was here and ignored her (unintentionally). I then messaged the person who conjured her for me, asking him if she was with me. He confirmed he did in fact did it. I felt horrible and said sorry a million times. I was hoping she forgave me which I think she does. I'm new and its my first time with spirts. <3 I love her a lot of course she choose to be with me. So now I talk to her and I told ger extremely personal things. I think she and my vampire are setting in nicely. I feel warm now like alot ever since she got here. Now I feel safe and my anxiety is going away. I'm so happy to be a keeper.

New spirit keeper <3

Sending positive vibes your way <3

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