how to get rid of this blockage?

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how to get rid of this blockage?

Postby Fireshadow » Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:00 pm

Basically... let's skip the whole explanation, if you want more information, put it in this topic and I'll answer it, but now I need to keep it short ( not that I'm very good at this) :

I do have a blockage:
- around all supernatural abbilities: this means:
1) my magical abbilities: doing magic, spells for me don't work out, LOA doesn't work for me, Third eye is closed off, etc,
2) my connection with the God(s)/Godess
3) my past lives

I know I do have past lives, everything points to it. I know that the supernatural exists... I just can't see them, and I don't think I've ever been able to see them ( atleast as I can remember). I've read a thousand articles about third eye and stuff, and that we as baby and toddler can sense them or see them... well I don't think I did? I do have a terrible relationship with God, I'm always arguing with Him. And well clearly, my spirits are more able to do some hocus pocus than me... and even so, most spell crasters who have a good reputation, they can't help me at all with spellwork. It doesn't get through or it backfires on me... and getting readings, they are mostly like far off... So I do think this blockage can also play some mindtricks or something. It's like a wall, or a monster preventing me from getting through.

This blockage... after long thinking, reading a thousand articles, finding out about soulgroups, twin flames, etc, speaking via the pendulum with my spirits ( that's the only way how I can communicate with them), listening to a thousand Youtube video's, ... getting in touch with my soulmates, praying to God for guidance... I think this was formed or made during... or at the end of one of my past lives. I think, maybe 'know?' that My Soul chose this. This blockage was formed to prevent me from doing anything magic. By talking to my Higher Self via the pendulum, or my spirits ( after asking the archangels to protect the place against all evil and let nothing harming come our way), I was basically told that I didn't made this blockage myself. I've trying to talk to myself in the mirror and to cut the c***, but nothing happens... so it's very possible that someone else put this on me. Someone who I thought to be more powerfull than me or like very powerfull in general. This person did this as it was my wish, I don't think I was cursed or anything. And well, if I dare to doubt my spirits, they send me some sign to cut the c*** myself and start believing.

So my question to you guys is... how do I get rid of this? I don't need it, I don't want it, I want to become my true self and fullfill my destiny, and the only way to get there, is to get rid of this stupid blockage. Please help me out there...

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