Translation of Djinn Tribes(?)' Names Listed in CH Shop

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Translation of Djinn Tribes(?)' Names Listed in CH Shop

Postby darkwing dook » Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:54 am

Not perfect, and not sure if they're correct or not since there are potential different spellings or words related to them. If anyone knows what the correct definition and/or spelling, please comment : )

And not sure if they're tribe, occupation, specialty/skill, or others. As well, I asked HD, and they said all of the listed here are included as marid djinn.

Adel ( عادل‎ or عديل): just, justice, fairness, righteous, noble
Abra ( ابرا or عبرة ): example, lesson
Aishah (عائشة‎): alive, livelihood, well-living, happily living
Alhena ( الهنا or الهنه or الهنعة ): a ring, a star in the constellation Gemini (Gamma Geminorum), the brand (on the neck of the camel)
Amineh ( أمينه or أمينة or آمنة or امينا ): trustworthy, faithful, loyal, honest, safe one
Anisah ( أنيسة or آنسه ): close, intimate, good friend, friendly, pleasant, good-natured, compatible, to recognize, to perceive, virtuous, eloquent, consoling, whose presence brings calm and peace
Atifah ( أتفه or عطيفة or عَاطِفَة): affectionate, compassionate, sympathetic
Ayah ( آية‎ or آيات): evidence, sign or miracle, verse
Badriyah ( بدرية or بدريه ): resembling full moon
Baha ( بَهَاء or باها ): beauty, glow, splendor, glory
Barakah ( بركة‎ ): blessings, mercy, to remain/linger, to nurture/generate, pond/pool, to grow and increase in number or volume above and beyond expectations continuously
Bisar (بسار or بيسار ): adolescent
Buhjah ( بهجة or بحجة ): delightful, festival; glamor, jollity, joy, pleasuring
Dahab ( ذهب ): gold
Dhakirah ( ذكره or ذاكرة ): one who remembers God frequently, one who constantly remembers and glorifies God
Dimah ( ديمه or دِيمة): rain that falls without lightning or thunder, cloud which carries rainwater, down pour
Falah ( فلاح): success (especially from self-improvement), happiness and well-being, victory, prosperity, deliverance, salvation
Falak ( فَلَك ): star, astronomy, orbit”, space, cosmos, path of the galaxies and ship
Fawziyah ( فاوزيه or فوزية ): successful, victorious
Ghaada ( غادة or غادا ): beautiful, gentle, soft, delicate
Ghassan ( غسان‎): youthful, handsome, very good looking, ardor, vigor
Halimeh ( حليمة‎ ): gentle, mild-mannered, generous, patient, mild-tempered, clement, patient, tolerant, forgiving
Haris ( حارس‎ or هاريس): guardian, protector, cultivator, lion
Iqbal ( إِقْبَال ): prosperity, good fortune, luck, becoming successful, facing problems bravely and getting things done
Janan ( جانان ): heart, paradise, beloved, good, beautiful
Jawhar (جَوْهَر): jewel, essence, precious stone
Khulud ( خلود ): immortality, eternity, perpetuity
Lubabah ( لبابا or لُبَابَة ): essence, core, gist, the innermost essence, pure, not mixed with anything else
Masudan ( مسودا or مَسُودان or مَسْعُودَة or مسودة): fortunate, happy, lucky, prosperous, gracious, favorable, protected, sheltered, one selected by a group of people to be their chief and leader
Nasih ( نَاصِح ): giver of advice, giver of good guidance
Rashad ( رشاد ): good sense or good guidance, integrity of conduct, maturity, wisdom, to lead a righteous life
Ruyah ( رياح or رويا or روياء or رُؤْيَا ): vision, dream, seeing, viewing
Wajdi ( وجدي ): of strong emotion, passion and love, happy, powerful, rich

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