What made average everyday ‘medieval humans’ more open to the paranormal?

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Re: What made average everyday ‘medieval humans’ more open to the paranormal?

Postby Fireshadow » Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:17 pm

ServantofJustice wrote:Somebody told me about this and its strongly relevant I think, watching now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBeZnKMKoc0

Why would he care to get to Earth and shapesift in some mare woman so he can seduce some saint? I do think he has other things on his mind, like... rulling Hell. But more importantly, I'm going to give the same answer here as in this other threat of yours: How could we know for real? We can discuss, find out, go on investigations, but... how can we prove it? Playing apostle Thomas now ;-)

I studied the bible or dwelled on it for time years before coming here and it says that Lucifer/Satan is on Earth and not in Hell, plus that he has dominion over it. Plus revelations says that he will be cast in or chained there once 'his time comes' only.[/quote]

* I did delete some text of my quote, or otherwise it's going to be a long reply :p

Your link to that video, I hope it's certainly not taking a whole day to watch this ( like 8 hours? For real?)
Euhm I'm not talking about the devil as described in the Bible. I'm talking about the devil how he is described in this forum. And by those comments that I've read here, I do doubt those medieval accounts of the devil are true.

You know, just today, I was looking out of the window, on the bus, and was seeing all those people walking in the streets, and then I was thinking like... ' the fairies, the leprechauns, the vamps, the dragons, the angels.... maybe there is nothing very ordinairy about them. Unicorns? Maybe they are just a horse with some horn on their heads, like the antilopes and the deers have antlers. Vamps, maybe they are walking in this street, and I just don't recgonise them because I'm expecting sparkling skin in the sun, and red eyes... Faeries? Maybe they are just the butterflies that fly over so fast that we can't see their humanoid faces. Angels... maybe they really look like Castiel from Supernatural.

Maybe the Paranormal is just another form of Normal... and we just have different expectations of it, and that's why we don't recgonise it even if it's even standing right in front of us?

-> Okay, this was some crazy rambling.

But I stay with my original thought: I do doubt the Medieval people were More Open than the people of Today. It's just the same amount.
Those accounts to me seem some fairytale story. Nothing supernatural had to do with it, expect for their own imagination. Nicolas Flames on the other hand was indeed a medieval wizard, that's for sure. :p

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Re: What made average everyday ‘medieval humans’ more open to the paranormal?

Postby LightOne » Sun May 06, 2018 7:49 am

At the same time what happened when the previous way of life ended for extreme technology everybody from the countryside was evicted off the land they had lived on for generations to be hoarded into cities within mass. It used to be that only those with money could live in cities, people who did business while all the surrounding countryside was for those who were not.

Would this have affected sensitivity to 'the paranormal' or not? The consequences of living in a city? I mean they in reality only make up a very small portion of the Earth's land.

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