James - Bog Vhraim from The Spirit's Keep

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James - Bog Vhraim from The Spirit's Keep

Postby Filat » Mon May 14, 2018 9:20 pm


Name: James
Age/Life Stage: Adult
Gender: Male
Appearance: White, almost cream colored fur, close to an exceptionally light yellow in some places, blue eyes, brown claws
Manifestations: Feelings of happiness/joy
Offerings: does not wish to request any offerings, but will happily accept any offered, really likes steak but understands that it is generally a more expensive meal choice
About: The disastrous luck that usually follows Vhraim with brown markings, eyes, or claws has been negated in James by the light tint to his entire coat- though it appears yellow in most lights, most of the individual furs making up his coat have the faintest bit of gold right at the tip, bringing enough good luck to offset his claws. Both brown and gold appearing on a Vhraim is extremely rare, and he is the only currently living Vhraim to display both colors.
James is very energetic and rather easily excitable, and becomes worked up at the drop of a hat. Any happiness you feel will be intensely amplified as he shares in it, no matter what the cause of your happiness is. He is always down to celebrate with friends, even if he has no idea exactly what is being celebrated. Seeing him down or disheartened is a very rare occurrence, and more than likely won't last for more than a few days at any point. He's down to do pretty much anything with anyone, as long as all parties are enjoying the activity.
Vessel: Wishes for his companion to choose a vessel for a distance binding, is not okay with his binding being incorporated into a master vessel


Art: White
Species: Bog Vhraim
Abilities: "Looking cute~" -Echo
Manifestations: flashes of white light, white and gold orbs, warmth, scent of sulphur and/or warm peat, feelings of calm, peacefulness, communicate primarily through telepathy, sharing emotions, pendulum, and tarot
Offerings: meat, being petted, candles and incense [esp with floral or food scents] dedicated to them
About: Bog Vhraim are a species of canids structurally resembling German Shepherd Dogs with longer legs, reminiscent of a Maned Wolf in regards to leg to body ratio. Most have entirely white coats, though some have golden patches or socks/paws/toe tips/penciling, brown penciling is somewhat rare, and all members of the species have black or gold claws and blue, brown, amber, or gold-flecked amber eyes. Gold markings are fairly uncommon, and Vhraim with gold markings/claws are followed by prosperity, happiness, and uncommon luck. Vhraim with brown penciling or other brown markings are the opposite- followed by disaster to a degree that most forsake their packs to spare them injuries, loss, famine, etc.
Vhraim are primarily meat eaters. They will not scavenge carcasses because the bacteria count skyrockets absurdly quickly in their territory due to the humidity. Fresh kills are consumed very quickly, will scavenge for berries, roots, and tubers as a regular supplement to their diet. They coat themselves in mud from bog pools to protect themselves from biting flies/gnats/fleas, both to prevent the bites themselves and to prevent the spread of blood-borne pathogens and parasites- it is very rare to see them without this protective covering. Due in part to their environment, they are very adamant about keeping healthy- eating, hydrating, and sleeping properly are things they value highly and they'll do their best to keep their companion on the right track with those necessities, giving you mental nudges to remind you to do whichever you need most as they determine your specific needs.
"We're soft and fluffy and like to cuddle, and we'll even clean off for you first if you really want, but please don't ask us to too often~ Clean water is hard enough to come by as it is ;)" -Armand, Pack Leader/Head or Main alpha

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