What made average everyday ‘medieval humans’ more open to the paranormal?

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Re: What made average everyday ‘medieval humans’ more open to the paranormal?

Postby WolfKnight » Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:23 pm

Instrument of the end fire083 wrote:
WolfKnight wrote:Something to mention is that medieval humans on average were less ‘empathic’ than modern ones, (or unless the rate would not be as guessed because our use of technology can weaken it from somebody who studied its impacts on brains for the ‘word reading’ part linked to real life reading).

How did medieval humans interact, receive communication or be more open if many were more ‘rough, less empathic’ and other stuff than us on average maybe?

On a server I came into contact somebody who is legit from the countryside and their personality was much less empathic or ‘tougher’ than many of us, as well as highly intelligent for their age maybe slightly exceeding mine almost (Seemed older than they actually were).

Like many medieval people in the countryside were they disliked being ‘too close with strangers’ and preferred to stick to those they know or to themselves (even online mostly).

Medieval humans tended to live within a days travel of a castle. Meaning the majority of them lived close enough to interact much more often. Also empathy and being empathic while not being completely separate ideas are not directly related.
Then again these would most likely be people you grow up knowing or meet and see around in some place everyday (Much like you would in a high school or correctional facility and any other institution)? As for the person I saw in that server they were originally from the deep south of the U.S.

We've kind of seen how they handled or saw strangers, the way they fought wars and also how they handled crime/enemies in life. It also tended to be somewhat more of a 'Might = Right' culture despite following light based religious paths?

What about peasants villagers maybe? Regarding countrysiders would they be an accurate modern day version that could parallel them more?

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