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Re: HauntedTarotMagick.com -- Bun Bun!

Postby ahemahemahem » Fri Apr 07, 2017 3:21 am

Good news. Finally have much better bond with lady Banshee already & she indeed "wake me up" for intense XXX few times per week now. Extremely intense, she have beautiful human lady body shape, but look exactly like a banshee. Very horny banshee, the way I like it.

Shes just average looking but perform like a turbocharged Ferrari, used to be a vain guy but now I prefer a lady who can give me more love sign im getting old.

It may looked like I keep on advertising for Bunbun, but I really get alot of XXX joy out from her services. (I dont get any special discount, I do this for free as her service gave me loads of satisfaction)
Again, if you cant feel anything, its a total waste. Im being bloody honest here.

All my ladies prefer to wake me up for the physical thing. I never get any of it in dream/astrally just seduction at best. I saw how my banshee looked like, my earthbound lady looked like & many more.
They are all beautiful in their own rights. Peace.

(How I wish to have astral/dream XXX with em ladies, it just aint happening lol)

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Re: HauntedTarotMagick.com -- Bun Bun!

Postby SpiritGurl » Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:52 am

Just ordered from Bun Bun last night, I had a weird dream and when I woke up I just knew my entity was with me. I checked my email this morning and Bun Bun emailed me that my entity was sent to me :) I was so happy , such fast service. I was reluctant to get out of bed and pick up my phone because it was so cold this morning , but I felt someone urging me to hurry up. He’s already so active definitely will purchase again in the future ^_^

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