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Postby Dark Abyss » Tue Apr 19, 2011 2:37 am

i have no ideal what this even means. ::facepalm::

but some of it was very true about me and others not so much (me wanting to be a mother :scared:, that ain't happening as long as i have a breath in my body).

just a lowly spirit keeper. nothing more, nothing less
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what delusional planet do you come from and how do i get off of it?
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Postby Samsara » Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:31 am

I think this chart means I am crazy. Mine sort of looks like I have the star of David. I heard the more trines you have the more lazy a person can be. Whereas the person with squares might suffer from hardships but it brings strength, power and character. I love their writing. I sound so much better than I feel. Hehe.

Here's a few goodies:

High priest/priestess character:
On a spiritual level the Venus-Jupiter combination brings the ability to connect with high spiritual beings. It
is therefore one of the ‘high priest/priestess’ combinations.
In the same line, it can also bring psychic and healing abilities, and is quite favourable for developing
spiritual vision.

North Node opposed Midheaven (orb: 7°53’)
This can mean that the soul has incarnated with the purpose of a descent into the depth of the
psyche, far into the subconscious and even beyond it. It is a powerful combination to work on oneself and
conduct self-exploration processes to their extreme limit.

Sun sextile Mars (orb: 1°32’)
Will power, born warrior. :sly:
Sun and Mars are the two planets of fire. In a major aspect, they reinforce each other in a combination for
will power and direction.

The Sun-Mars warrior character
Born fighter, innate need to conquer. :sly:
Self confidence.
Ambition, need to succeed, to reach the summit, to be the number one.
The Sun stands for the heart, Mars for the will and action; the combination gives the ability to really put
one's heart into what one is doing. It also introduces drive into the very core of oneself.

Sun square Uranus (orb: 0°11’)
Originality and intelligence; imparts strong Uranus values to the personality. A life full of surprises.

A combination for genius :sly:
Ability to connect with supra-logical layers of the supermind.
Can give a fantastic intuition.
Ability for mathematics and sciences.
A born expert in technological fields.
Creativity. Inventiveness.

Sun sextile Black Moon (orb: 3°18’)
Especially (but not only) in a female chart, a major aspect of Black Moon to the Sun tends to create a ‘Lilith
character’: strong-willed, stubborn, independent mind and lover of freedom, original, non-conformist,
rebellious, passionately disliking routines and enslavement at large. Lilith was the woman who did not need
Adam and left him-not a common thing to do in early biblical times-one reason being that she bluntly
refused to lie under him during lovemaking. ::rofl::

Moon sextile Neptune (orb: 0°15’)
Exceptional sensitivity, highly plastic and changeable, psychic abilities.

Moon-Neptune: Impressionable mind.
Highly changeable and multifaceted personality.
Potential for great compassion. Ideals of love.

Extremely psychic
The plastic psyche is particularly good at tuning into things and people.
Good at opening.
Visions and psychic abilities through great opening-if one can go beyond the vagueness.
Angel connections.
Need for merging.
Edgar Cayce, the ‘sleeping prophet’, had a Moon-Neptune conjunction in the Midheaven.

Mars conjunct Black Moon (orb: 1°46’)
The Mars stamina pulled towards the inner universe.
The Black Moon, with its metaphysical depth and its intimate relationship to the deepest of the human
psyche, can significantly modify the significance of Mars in a chart. It adds an occult dimension to it. It
makes the native more likely to use his/her Mars energy to work on himself/herself and explore inner
worlds rather than only being concerned with external things and the material world. It can give a strong
need to follow a spiritual path and explore the hidden mysteries of existence rather than just being engaged
in materialistic pursuits.

The conjunction and the opposition, in particular, give sharp astral energy in plenty and are excellent
aspects for becoming an ISIS practitioner, to explore the depth of the human subconscious, or to deal with
occult matters.

Mars trine Pluto (orb: 2°41’)
Irresistible fire, no limits, volcanic emotions.

Mars-Pluto soul forces and characters
Volcanic emotions, powerhouse of feelings-the Dragon
Mars is the planet of violent emotions and venom, Pluto that of pushing things to the limit and
On the lower mode, it can lead to inner rage, fury, and irresistible passions-not unlike the lava of a volcano.
On the higher mode, it is the real power of love -(not just loving custard) which can move mountains; the
Cosmic Fire that nothing can resist.

Exceptional occult/astral power
Born exorcist. The astral intensity associated with the Mars-Pluto combination gives a natural domination
over entities, and the fire and power needed to fight dark forces.

The edge between the highest purity and the dark side ::pot::
Has the power to fight dark forces, but also has the power to become one.
(Darth Vader, surely, had a major Mars-Pluto aspect.)

Pluto trine Black Moon (orb: 0°56’)Keywords
An aspect which can strongly reinforce the occult nature of Pluto, giving tremendous insight into the hidden
mysteries of life and sharp astral energy in plenty.

"Man is what he sees in other people."

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Postby Blooming_angel01 » Tue Apr 19, 2011 5:41 pm

This is really interesting. I did mine and it came out amazingly long, I still haven't finished reading it.
These are some of the things that caught my eye:

Highly intuitive and inspirational. Fantastic psychic abilities: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clair-everything
else. Fast moving minds (Uranus) with spiritual dimension. Born wizards in anything technological.
Very powerful souls, who have incarnated to bring substantial changes onto the planet. Not easy for their
parents to follow.

High artistic sensitivity and inspiration
Deep experiences and revelations through music.
Natural perception of the sacred side of arts.
Highest spirituality
Jupiter the hierophant, Neptune the mystic-one of the most spiritual combinations of planets.
Premonitory dreams.
Faith, capital F (as in the pistis of the Gnostic gospels).
Visionary (think of Edgar Cayce, who had Moon-Neptune conjunct in the 10th house, and trine to Jupiter in
the 6th).
Natural understanding of the world of the gods and of high spiritual realities.
Great mystic. Transcendental experiences.
Experiences of expansion and vastness. Universal love.
Vast illuminations.
The Neptunian rich inner spiritual life expanding under the Jupiter influence:
The prophet. The hierophant. High priest(ess).

Beyond the need for conquering, power and leadership, there is a seeking of the will, in the metaphysical
meaning of the term. The native is on the way to becoming a wizard, at a stage when the will is still mainly
applied on the physical level. The more one can develop the philosophical sides of Jupiter instead of just
living within a materialistic framework, the more the will can evolve towards its next, spiritual direction

Great sensitivity and aesthetic sense.
High inspiration.
Capacity to connect to high spiritual realms, either in an artistic direction, or in a spiritual one.
Has overcome the inertia and vagueness of Neptune, and therefore can do something with the inspiration in
practical life. Neptune set into action-creator in movement.
Flows of creativity. Can be exceptionally prolific (the transcended Moon side of Neptune).
Radiating heart: the Sun shining with Neptunian compassion. Power of Love. Christ consciousness. The
kind of person who has the ability to tune into people and know what they are feeling, or even feel it within
Soul which has contacted its own magnificence. ‘Mahatma’, ‘great soul’. (Gandhi had a Sun-Neptune
opposition, together with a Neptune, Saturn, Moon grand trine; Sri Aurobindo had a Sun-Neptune trine.)
It is not rare for people with a strong Sun-Neptune aspect to feel a heart affinity with India, a country in
which the values of these combined planets are extremely strong, for better or worse

Progressive mind. Originality. Deep need to be different, not to conform to established patterns, but to
develop something special about oneself. Need to do what other people cannot do. Need to stand out.
Hates confinement in routines or boring social circles.
Pull towards things which are totally different and new.
Strong orientation towards the future. Promethean personality. Not afraid of transgressing limits if needed.
Deeply believes that he/she is destined to ‘something else and greater’ and therefore can achieve what noone
else would even dare to attempt.
A combination for genius
Ability to connect with supra-logical layers of the supermind.
Can give a fantastic intuition.
Ability for mathematics and sciences.
A born expert in technological fields.
Creativity. Inventiveness.

The imaginative, inspired character
Intuition. Imagination.
Sensitivity. Great intuitive understanding of psychology.
Can have a high capacity for tuning into inner images and visions.
High ideals.

• dream time visions;
• premonitions, presentiments; deja vu, dreams that come true;
• talent for Tarot readings, aura readings;
• channelling and psychic abilities; ability to talk to spirits and various kinds of non-physical beings;
• clairvoyance;
• healing abilities.

Capacity for abstract thinking.
Super-fast thought processes.
Intuition. Flashes of vision and inspiration.
Intelligence. Lateral thinking.
Sun-Uranus and Mercury-Uranus are the two planetary combinations which can most directly suggest
Can also bring a certain degree of impatience/frustration-the person thinks and moves much faster than the
rest of the population.

Inventive, innovative.
Unconventional and original. Unconcerned with trivialities.
Independent. Can have difficulties being under someone else's authority.
Likes change. Can have some difficulty putting up with routines.
When they tell you: “You're going to be surprised...”, it is the truth!

The technological wizard character
Good with technology, computers.
Well capable of reading a manual.
Always knows about the latest trends.
Catches on to new ideas quickly and easily assimilates new concepts, for which they are thirsty,
turned towards the future.
Often have at least a phase of passion for science fiction.
Promethean mind.
Will often question whether their boss is as intelligent as they are.

The dedicated, loyal friend character
Venus likes to relate to people. Combined with Saturnian values, this can lead to friendships with all the
good sides of Saturn: lasting, reliable, sincere. The person is trustworthy and will stick with you in times of
adversity, standing up and defending you if need be.
The loyal friend character has its roots in the depth of feelings which is inherent in the Venus-Saturn
association, as well as in the lover of integrity character.

Feelings will be lasting, deep and sincere. This can be related to the earth
element of Saturn. But Saturn is not all earth; it is also air-structure. This can lead to much more elaborate,
or even complicated, feelings and emotions-not as in a confused mess but as in a refined, sophisticated
inner environment, which can only add to the charm of Venus.
The combination can also give a great capacity to appreciate artistic works. The Venus-Saturn character has
depth and structure, and therefore will not just be swayed by superficial likes and dislikes. The person has
taste and can discern true refinement from superficial, kitsch forms of art.

Great compassion and a loving nature, high receptivity, inspiration and creativity.
People with this aspect are often good at tuning into others and feeling what they feel, which can make them particularly sensitive.
The need for harmony and shared sensitivity is extreme.
Everyone needs to be loved, but people with this aspect are much more aware of the need than others.
In relation to the merging nature of Neptune, the native is driven by an extraordinarily deep need to find
perfect spiritual union, like a mystical wedding with an ideal soul mate.

Beauty, aesthetic receptivity and artistic creativity. The native knows how to enjoy visual,
auditory and other sensory input far beyond the average person. He/she can spend entire days of fascination
wandering in art galleries. To him/her, a number of sensations and perceptions become alive. There is life
in colours and in music, and they know how to drink it through the senses. When tuning inside, he/she can
and does receive flows of creative inspiration.
Even if the native is not religious, he/she invests a sense of the Divine in his/her approach to art. Art is an
avenue to open to a greater inner life, and peep into one's unity with universal harmony.

I kept saying yes through all of this. It can't be any more true!
I've always known I have these abilities and virtues, but I've somehow blocked them, like I said in one of my topics (about me being able to see and talk to spirits, and many other things).
I read in there that the main problem with me is that having so many abilities, a lot of them become cloudy, and therefore I need to be cleansed regularly. I also read that I have the capability of achieving things no one has, (lol) but I need guidance from someone experienced who can teach me to control my abilities and not let them roam around, which is what I feel has been happening all these years. This website told me things I knew deep inside, only on a personal level, which I think i great.
Thank you for sharing :thumbup:

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And YES, Jacob all the way! ^^


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Postby Adelphia » Tue Apr 19, 2011 6:58 pm

I love it. This is the most startling chart I've read and the one that connects the most and enlightens me as to my strengths and weaknesses as well as valuable hints on how they can be (magickally) strengthened. Ie., I have this excessive abundance of will-power and creativity and a strong Saturn thing as well, but the Saturn thing could mean I need more of the Saturn qualities in my life (discipline, structure, etc.) - I can think of a few ways of magickally tapping into this now that I know how it can help me better myself.

Ok this is weird. Just skimming, but Angeldust, you and I have a lot of the same and similar aspects! Sun-mars, the Lilith thing (I had a couple of references to Lilith), the psychic abilities, the born exorcist thing.


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Postby WhimsicalSage » Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:05 pm

Here's mine, it's all over the place and confusing.
One thing i noticed though is this mentions some hilarious things to do with sex.

The warrior that knows no limits
The planet of strength, libido and violence meeting that of no limits.

Tons of energy, relentless, unstoppable.

Once set in a direction, it is indivertible ('Terminator' style).

Nuclear bomb kind of libido.

Devastating sex. ::rofl:: ::rofl:: ::rofl::

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Postby bliss4ever » Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:23 am

WOW, wow, wow!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Magnolia. For a free reading, this is incredibly spot on and detailed.

It was right on about every aspect of my life... eerily so. I'm going to do one for my boyfriend. He doesn't believe in astrology etc but I want to see how correct it is about his life.

So what really resonated with me:

Mars-Pluto Soul Forces and Characters
Volcatinic emotions, powerhouse of feelings - the Dragon
Mars is the planet of violent emotions and venom, Pluto that of pushing things to the limit and transcending.
On the lower mode, it can lead to inner rage, fury, and irresistible passions- not unlike the lava of a volcano.
On the higher mode, it is the real power of love -(not just loving custard) which can move mountains; the Cosmic Fire that nothing can resist.

I've always felt emotions very deeply, happiness, sadness, anger. Too deeply sometimes.

Mecury Sextile Black Moon (orb: 3*05')

Adds depth to Mercury, and connection between the concious and subconcious levels of the mind.
Mercury gains in depth from its association with the Black Moon. The Black Moon adds sharpness and wit.
Mecury allows an expression of the profound values associated wiht the Black Moon (which signifies the unconcious levels of the psyche). The combination can bring wisdom, as well as intuition. On a simple level, this intuition will result in instant and extremely accurate insights into other people's emotions- knowing their nature from the inside, rather than judging them by their facade.
The understanding of other people's psychology also has to do with the fact that the native's own inner life is quite sophisticated and complex. Mercury stands for the conscious mind, Black Moon for the subconcious and unconscious parts of the psyche. The association of the two means that there are more bridges between the different levels of the psyche than in other individuals.

I've always been able to understand WHY people do things. I understand the reasonings behind most thigns, why they glance sideways at that person, why they say that particular phrase.... I've always said to my boyfriend, I know why people say things ie, their thought process behind it, but he's never understood me.

Characters and soul forces related to the Jupiter-Uranus associations

The Jupiter-Uranus great traveller character

A lower version of the Grail seeker. Engages on long journeys as if they were a quest. They are in search of something (without necessarily knowing what) and express their need in the form of physical wandering.
Search for adventure, new experiences.
Definately going somewhere (but where?)
Mad/woman with a mission (but not always clear as to which one).
At times, the erractic side of Uranus can create the need for just 'taking off' unexpectedly. Jupiter will then push for going far rather than exploring nearby neighbourhoods.

That explains my constant need to travel, not nationally, but internationally. The quest aspect is spot on... I feel deep inside that there is more to life, something, but have no idea what it is. It's just a very strong feeling I've had since I was a child.

[b]Moon opposed Pluto (orb: 4*54')
The Moon-Pluto brings exceptionally deep, intense and rich emotions, which at times may devastate the native.
It is essential for them to find outlets for these emotions and not let them remain buried underground-otherwise he/she can be consumed by them. Unless significant work on oneself has been acheived, there are likely to be at times when these emotions explode, internally or outwardly, which can be quite shocking to the native (and to his/her surroundings). In most cases, however, one should not necessarily worry when it happens - Pluto can cope with (and vitally needs) significantly more intensity than the average person.
Because of this rich inner life, the native can intuitively understand other people's emotions with great sharpness (also because Pluto likes to investigate and unveil other people's secrets). If the integrity is not high, this can lead to a lot of emotional manipulation of parents, friends, and/or collegues.

It scares me sometimes how intense my emotions are, and it's just stressful overall. But looking at me, no one can tell. I tend to internalise everything.

This is just a snippet; there was such a wealth of information in the reading.

But yes, I'd recommend this reading to everyone. I've had many readings done, a lot of free ones on the web to, but NOTHING has every gotten this close and this accurate to how I am as a person. I am speechless. I know this reading didn't resonate with some people. But this explains a lot of my personality... I can blame it on the planets/stars LOL

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Postby Kim Junsu » Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:01 am

Cool! :thumbup: So super detailed!=D

LOL It said that I'm a recipe for a genius... But whether I did turn out to be a genius... LOL! ::bleh::

Other than that, it's basically mostly I'm:
-Have my head lost in the clouds
-Might get so caught up daydreaming that I become delusional
-In lala land

LOL! And sad to say, it's all true!T_T My sis tells me I always get so emotional, and have my head stuck in the clouds!XP


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Postby Tethys » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:35 am

I recently found this in my browser bookmarks and still loving how much you can learn of yourself.

A master of one's emotions is a master of one's self.

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Postby Samsara » Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:55 am

OMG I don't even remember this. When I first did it, I thought it was an exaggeration...since my journey to the dark side. It's spot on.
I must of missed this line:
Each time a Pluto-Node conjunction take place, a
wave of powerful wizards incarnate on Earth. The Pluto-South Node combination also evokes the possibility of having misused the power in a past life, or even to have dabbled with the dark side of the force. This, however, is in no way absolute. So great white magicians can also incarnate with a Pluto-South Node conjunction.

Mis-use of power? Who me? Maybe... Sorry about heating up the ocean last summer. My. Bad.

I have a mars/pluto/moon conjunct with black moon lilith, so it's a ton of astral energy according to them. Seems to only be active when I work with lilith type entities though.

Orbs matter. The smaller they are the more true the reading will be. My ex had mars/pluto with an orb of 5 whereas mine is an orb of 2 degrees. He does have a massive nuclear libido, only to be worn out by me. LOL He can't astral project though, whereas I do it on the regular when i am not working.

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Postby Tethys » Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:17 pm

Awesome! I wanted to repost this because I had similar thoughts on when I read it before and the new meanings I get from it now.

A master of one's emotions is a master of one's self.

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