The Truth About Seller Reviews, Guidelines, etc

Post your experiences with eBay sellers.
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The Truth About Seller Reviews, Guidelines, etc

Postby creepyhollows » Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:48 pm

There are a handful of sellers we will never advertise for on this forum. Their threads are removed and placed in a post cell beyond access because of the horrific harassment they have caused Creepy Hollows, Creepy Hollows members and other, honest practitioners. So why won't we let a thread open for these sellers and expose them?

Because even sellers who get bad reviews here get new business from this forum. Even sellers who have the worst reviews and are dubbed "frauds" by the forum members here still have people who read the thread, go to eBay or their website and buy from them. And while we heartily believe in trial & error and that each collector must fulfill their own path we are NOT going to give free advertisement to the harassing sellers. This forum achieves anywhere from 1 million - 3 million hits a month and you can't buy that kind of advertising if you are an eBay seller or website owner.

So if you search a seller name and you aren't able to access their thread they are sellers we will not advertise for here.

As for Seller Reviews if you want to leave a review for a seller all we ask is that you are the person who actually purchased from the seller. We don't like the "I know a guy who knows a guy who..." those kind of reviews aren't helpful. We ask that you be as detailed or obscure as you feel comfortable with and that you state factually what happened. These kinds of reviews help others who are looking for insight into experiences with a seller. If you had a bad experience you are welcome to leave your story but please do not badger and harass others who respond saying they had a good experience. There is no need to continually post your irritations with a seller, everyone will read your initial post. To continue to post over and over the same gripe only makes you appear "out" for the seller and negates the integrity of your original post.

If you are responding to a review left for a seller please be respectful. Do not judge or antagonize a forum member for their personal experience. To do so is not only impolite but you are attacking their personal experience and making them and others comfortable about sharing.

Any inappropriate threads will be removed by moderators and as long as we all abide these standards the Seller Review section can be helpful and a good experience for all.

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Re: The Truth About Seller Reviews, Guidelines, etc

Postby GothamNightingale » Fri May 01, 2015 8:21 pm

Would it be rude to ask for a complete list of sellers for whom reviews and posts are not allowed? I only ask because it would be nice to just find them in here instead of looking EVERYWHERE only to find nothing and not know why... lol just as a time saver...

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