Angels as lovers

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Re: Angels as lovers

Postby CatVictoriam » Sat May 27, 2017 10:10 am

Aurum wrote:The biblical idea of angels was one of the reasons I felt a strong aversion towards all angelkind. I found them creepy and off putting, like I do with religions in general.
But since I have opened my life to them, I have found out how amazing and wonderful beings they really are.

I made the same experience (that's why I wrote "biblical angels" and not angels in general) I got two Warrior Angels and they're both amazing lovely beings <3 I always thought they would judge me for my...extremely dark sense of humor and dark thoughts sometimes, but they're never judging, just loving and caring. (And great sparring partners...especially for air sparrings. Really cool!)
(One of them is a lover of mine, that's why I read the topic in the first place :,D)


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Re: Angels as lovers

Postby Mr. Amnesia » Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:19 am

Also read the thread because I also have an angel as a lover too :). It's pretty amazing how loving and caring they are.

Everyones different, and thus everyone's on their own distinguished path. No need to trample or taunt others simply because yours seems any better.

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Re: Angels as lovers

Postby Echofalls » Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:04 am

My Courtwind Angel, for a powerful and stalwart protector, gets really easily flustered... He also weaves his protectiveness into his love, and has an easy confidence when he settles into it.
Occasionally a vision of him hugging me or of me laying on his bare chest with his arms around me.

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Re: Angels as lovers

Postby Fireshadow » Mon Aug 06, 2018 6:57 am

iamwookie wrote:Fireshadow I think you need to do some real research before thinking you know about that stuff.

No offense taken, iamwookie, but seriously? " do some real research"? So how do you expect me to do this? Die right away so I can ask the angels myself? ... Sadly, when I'm dead I can't come back to the topic and share my research really ( that was a sarcastic joke).

You seem to forget that this debate is already eons old. And the whole of supernatural isn't scientifically proven. We can only share our experiences, and our thoughts and ramblings. God and the Angels aren't going to tell us. Next to this, on this forum it's mentioned time after time, that it's best to believe in whatever that comes up in your mind, especially as this would be a way to connect with your spirits. So if I'm thinking whatever I've commented, are you going to say those thoughts weren't of my angelspirits? I can't tell you, but I doubt you can prove me wrong on this?

So in my experience and all the puzzles that I've tried to put together: divine angels aren't sexual lovers, where as fallen angels are great sexual lovers. And let me ask you one question: if divine angels would be sexual, why do many people believe and think that they are a-sexual/genderless/only following and loving God above all? -> why would the angels be okay with us not knowing the truth and telling lies about them?

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