Basic Candle Color for Spells and Rituals

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Basic Candle Color for Spells and Rituals

Postby lori67k » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:29 pm

Since taking my energy work, casting blessings, spells and rituals to the next level, using gemstones and candles has become a way of life for me in my workings; so getting to know more about the gemstones I work with as well as the color correspondence of candles became paramount and so I began doing research to go hand in hand with my hands-on work and I came across an article that I feel is important to share so anyone else wanting to know more about candle colors when doing rituals (even blessings) could come in handy; especially for those who are new to magick, just curious or are introducing candles into their workings for the first time to become familiar with them without having to go very far to find this information; I’ve decided to post this blog and share one of the better articles I’ve found on the subject.

Since many of the spells I post here require candles as part of the rituals; I felt this blog would be an added benefit. I hope it helps you on your journey.

(before you read on; I wanted to add; that when in doubt as to what color candle to use, or for any reason you do not have the color you desire; you can never go wrong using a White candle) With that said....

The following is a borrowed article with author’s name and webpage address for your convenience. Thank you

Choosing Candle Colors for Witchcraft Spells/Rituals
Written By WingsfortheSpirit

When performing a witchcraft spell, you will typically want to choose a candle color that corresponds with your intention. Colors carry certain vibrations, which can help lend more power to your spell.

Following are some candle color correspondences that you can use in your own spells and magickal workings:

White – white candles are great for healing spells, peace rituals, and gaining clarity on any situation. They are also helpful when performing a house-clearing ritual to clear out negative energy and call in positive, serene energy again.

Pink – pink candles are wonderful for any kind of love spell, including self-love rituals to improve your self-esteem and promote a sense of happiness and joy in your life. You can also use pink candles for healing, especially if it is someone you love deeply. They can also be used to bring a peaceful end to conflicts and feuds with others.

Red – red candles embody the passion of lust, personal empowerment, inner strength, courage, and energy. Use red candles when you want to feel stronger, more proactive, empowered, or take control over your own circumstances. They are also great to bring more passion into your relationships, or more energy to your personal goals.

Purple – dark purple candles are great for enhancing your magickal powers, like energy work and spell casting. Light purple candles (like lavender or lilac colors) are good for softer pursuits like healing spells, love spells, and self-pampering. They can also help open your third eye and increase your psychic vision.

Blue – dark blue candles help trigger your psychic awareness and encourage prophetic dreams. Light blue candles would again be used for softer magickal workings, like healing, peace, etc.

Yellow – yellow candles are wonderful for mental stimulation and intelligence. Use them while studying or reading about new techniques. You can also use them on days you feel a little sluggish or sleepy mentally, as they will help energize you and make you feel more alert.

Orange – orange candles are good for stimulating your energy, both physical and mental. If you need some motivation and drive to complete certain tasks, an orange candle can help. You can also use orange candles to bring more lively energy into your home.

Green – green candles promote prosperity and abundance. They are perfect for money spells or any kind of abundance spell (like attracting a new job, a new home, etc.). Because they are the color of the abundance of nature, they can also be used in fertility spells.

Black – black candles are typically used to banish negativity, or bring an end to destructive habits. You can use them in decreasing spells (like quitting smoking or losing weight), or banishing harmful influences from your life (like destructive relationships, etc.).

While these candle colors are pretty specific, it isn’t always crucial to have the right candle color for your witchcraft spells. If you feel you need to do a spell immediately and you don’t have the right materials, just improvise!

Remember that the spell is more about releasing your own power and intention toward a specific outcome.

Many Blessings 1ht

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This blessing... I send out to all of you <3 1ht <3

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