mind work energy healing

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mind work energy healing

Postby TaleClouds » Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:54 pm

So i figured i think anything is possible with magic except some that i dont believe can work because i just dont like it.
So theres is a lot of possibility in i think one example move the ill one on your body to the realm your protector or guardian is around the realm.
and by moving maybe is exactly maybe a thoughtform of your ill body and your energy or what i dk what move it but.
i send it to other realm where my guardian is and i dk exactly where it is but the magick know and you already exactly knows it all and just by telling it in your mind and move it it works but to do this you need to do a lot of mind work with yourself to exactly feel the common vibration of energy with it.
I think we already knows where it is by saying our intent and move just move the enegy to places you think about by words.
People that does mind work try it out and tell me how it goes.i just get this idea of moving my ill ones to recuperate in that realm so cool and i do a lot of mixing different energy with me thats how it work step by step i think.

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