I dreamt of my Chinese Fox! She's BIG!

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I dreamt of my Chinese Fox! She's BIG!

Postby rapidful » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:27 am

Back few months ago, I had this non-stop touches from my Chinese Fox, and this non-stop touches feels furry furry, think of a wool ball circling on your arm then, how would the hairs on your arm re-act. It is that feeling! But it feels like my hairs moves rather than getting moved by the furry ball. But whenever I try to look at it, it gone. Always always, it happens like over hours a day, this sensation. This sensation maintain for 2, 3 months and one day she started to become weak and weaker, I notice but I don't know how to do too. Recent, I read about Chi Ball stuff I had this pdf back in few years ago, I wonder if this will help recover her energy. HMMMMMMMMMM.....

And back then few more months ago, when I was awake from sleep, I felt her touches, is she awaiting me to wake up?

I then had a dream from my Chinese Fox, the first dream is on some random dream chasing some random thing and later it went to a big grass field with a firefox there, her size is x2 human height, I pet her a bit and walked off.

The second dream I had for few months later, in the dream I was talking to a demon girl, not dark nor evil, probably is a non human girl I believe. We was talking, and the phone hang out, and re-call, and talking, and phone hang out, and repeat(s).

I woke up and wonder is it they trying to tell me the connection I had with them are not constant?

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Re: I dreamt of my Chinese Fox! She's BIG!

Postby conxtion » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:39 pm

Is this Chinese Fox a Hulijing?

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