A question about multiple spells.

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A question about multiple spells.

Postby Malevolent » Tue Apr 03, 2018 7:45 pm

First off I am kinda new to some of this so please bare with me.
So I had purchased a specific set of bindings and then through a freebie I was sent another of the exact same thing so my question is if they would work independently and as such increase the affects of the bindings or if since it's the exact same thing running both at the same time would have no increased affect.

- Living Entity Succubus Queen B
- WA C4 Nympho A
- WA C4 Midinight Dragon T
- WA C5T3 Nympho K
- DA C5T3 Succubus A
- WA Dynamic Silver Dragon E
- WA Dynamic Pheonix A
- WA C5 Bronwyn Angel O
- Immortal C5 Greek, Circe
- Immortal C5 Norse, Vidar
- WA C5 Seraphim Angel R
- WA C5 Courtwind Angel R
- WA C5 Gold Dragon U
- WA C5 Zeo Faery N
- WA C5 Volkh K
- DA C5 Black Dragon L
- DA C5 Bannik L
- DA C5T3 Eronal Muse Being Conjured
- DA C5 Scottish Psy Vamp Being Conjured
- DA C5 Drow Being Conjured

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Re: A question about multiple spells.

Postby conxtion » Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:48 pm

Your seller should be able to answer this, just ask them.

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