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Getting to know my glitter fae, pt. 1

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:30 am
by Alys
My glitter fae loves to participate in creation. Sculpting and watercolors especially. I knew that going in.

This was among the least surprising getting-know-you sessions I've done, but I did learn that she didn't like using reversals with this deck. She was very clear about that. The bolded and underlined words are the ones she chose from the cards.



1. Most important characteristics of the spirit.
Emergence: creation, resurrection, magician.
2. Their strengths.
Reflective truth: Identity, self-love, acceptance.
3. Their limits-what they can't/won't do.
Wisdom: Psychic, intuition, truth.
4. What they're here to teach you, their keeper.
Dreamscape: Dream work, subconscious, imagination.
5. How to best collaborate with this spirit.
Throat portal: Speak your truth, courage, suppression.
6. Potential outcome of the relationship.
Attachment: Accumulation, defensiveness, scarcity.
7. Traits/Characteristics the spirit wants to brag about/show off.
Sanctuary: Healing & comfort, faith, restoration.
8. How the spirit views you.
Root portal: Vitality, stability & survival, fearful.
9. How the spirit views themselves.
Higher perspective. The Cosmos, awakening, unity.

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