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Extremely Powerful Egyptian vampires Sybet and his mate Tebet !!

Posted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 12:47 am
Egyptian vampires Sybet and his mate Tebet he has long deep brown hair and brown eyes , he has a dark complexion and a muscular build with cuffs around his muscular biceps . he is highly sexual and protective , he knows how to treat his woman and demands they always be respected ! Tebet she has long dark brown hair and light brown eyes , she has a beautiful curvy figure , large breasts and is light skinned and is very sensual and alluring . she is very open about her sexuality as you should be also she tells me . she shows me a record keeper ( if this means anything to you you may be the one they are looking for ) she also shows me Egyptian Scarab . they offers wealth , protection , prosperity , wisdom , abundance , knowledge of the after life , creativity , necromancy , heightened sexuality , psy abilities , revenge , retribution , mind control , influence over others , confidence , empowerment , increase in finances , lure like minded people towards you , cleanse your aura , realign your chakras , grounding , focus , harmony , balance , eliminate jealousy ! he shows me skulls in a room with clay walls on a clay shelf , knowledge , casting , conjuring , opening / closing portals , heighten your natural abilities and open new ones , good luck , removal of bad luck , they are the complete package and a GAME CHANGER !! their vessel of choice is a fluorite sterling silver pendant Purple Fluorite enhances intuition and brings order out of chaos. Purple Fluorite dispels negative energy, especially from the environment, such as electromagnetic smog from computers and the like. It then re-energizes the atmosphere. This is a wonderful crystal to have on hand when you need to come up with new ideas; are brainstorming; have writer’s block, or need to get out of a mental rut. Purple Fluorite is excellent at increasing one’s mental capacities and inspiring creativity. ... /539219212 <3