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Re: Aurora Magick / AstralD

Postby Valkirija » Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:05 pm

At this point I feel very familiar with Aurora’s work ethics, write-ups, bindings and the superb quality of her work in general. She’s extremely professional, genuine, caring and always ready to go the extra mile for a client. I feel that she’s very truthful, rational and an especially knowledgeable person to talk to. She’s the kind of practitioner who will stay with the issue you have, won’t promise you too much, and then find you a being so special you will soon forget how you ever lived without them. I can’t recommend her enough and believe that everyone should have at least one being from her, and experience her as a conjurer.

Some of my most vivid healing experiences came from one of Aurora’s beings. A bit more than a year ago I started losing sensation in my upper wrist. Doctors could not offer anything for me, I got a short rehab, some meds and was told that a nerve in my wrist is dying, therefore I will never regain the feeling in the affected are. I was miserable and didn’t hope for anything to get better, nothing I tried helped at all. Months after I gave up on any attempts to solve the issue I ordered a being capable of healing from Aurora (since I have a bunch of other health issues), which turned out to be a Soul Weaver. I asked him to at least try and fix whatever is still fixable with my wrist.

After a year of having no sensation in my wrist I suddenly started to regain the feeling. At this point I have regained all (or at least most of) the sensation that was lost. I still check the area a lot since I can’t believe it is back to normal. I have no way to verify a being did this, but I do feel that the Soul Weaver was a tremendous force and support leading towards the recovery. I can’t thank Aurora enough for being united with such a powerful, caring and gentle spirit <3

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Re: Aurora Magick / AstralD

Postby Opelia Rendon » Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:05 am

I have recently gotten a dragon from Aurora and I really appreciate her work ethic. The dragon is super awesome and he's chill. I look forward to purchasing from Aurora again : )

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