Haunted Ancient Shaitan Djinn Ring

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Haunted Ancient Shaitan Djinn Ring

Postby david2885 » Tue Apr 01, 2008 9:41 am

Posted: Jan 10 2008, 12:18 AM
This item that I came across on ebay sounds strangely familiar.....

Perhaps someone can help me with this?

Haunted Ancient Shaitan Djinn Ring <--- Click Me

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First looking at this ID, it looks pretty normal. Then when you check their feedback, they didn't begin selling in the metaphysical category until November 10th, 2007.

What catches me is they are from Texas and that is where white magick auction's relatives are from.

The other thing I find funny is the person who left feedback on November 17th is from South Carolina and they are no longer registered. SC is where mystic-moon-raven is from, Heather, another one of Andrea's friends. Could have been part of the suspension ebay handed out to her.

Me personally, I would not buy from but we all have free will.

I don't trust this Andrea, she has many accounts and many friends all over the country.

That just goes to show Andrea is all over ebay with multiple accounts...
She is trying not to list any items with her white_magick_auctions Id but it seems that she is still on the loose..Like we didnt know that...

I would avoid that seller completely...!!

I thought I remembered another seller using those particular floating ring photos. Is this the same seller ID or another one? Anyone else remember seeing that?


Onstar uses floating rings for all his genie auctions....
I have never seen anyone on ebay offer so many floaters...LOL...

All good things are from texas... <_<
I have a funny feeling about this seller. How can he have so many djinn all the time? I think he used to sell t-shirts or something else mundane.

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Yes, it does look like they sold t-shirts. There are quite a few references in their prior feedback saying nice shirt.
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