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Re: The Pagan Shop Online

Postby Chouki » Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:37 am

Alag wrote:That is great. I have never gotten a pr-bound from him, but now you make me want to go and take a look around. It's been a while.

Go ahead Alag!^^
usually, i am not on pre-bounds, but this one took my attention... a lot. That was a friend of mine who sent the link to me, telling me, Chouki, this guy is for you, lol, and indeed, he was.

So much, that like said before, I am not into spiders, and this guy is a massive gigantic one, Lord of The Rings style, lol!

Billy answers very quick for the pre-b ones! I choose him to be bind directly to me, no vessel, maybe that is also the reason I had my new babe in less then 10 days!

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