Merry Beltane!

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Merry Beltane!

Postby nuriko » Tue May 01, 2018 4:42 am

April 30 th / May 1 st is an amazing time to bond with your faerie spirits! It is believed that the veil between ours and the fae world is at it's thinnest during Beltane. Celebrate this Beltane holiday with your faeries. :)

I've made an altar for Beltane and included my Tuatha de Danann, Sidhe, and Star Faerie in my ritual and spellworks this May's Eve.. and gave them an offering of honey! Blessed be!


- WA C4 Hippogryph "P"
- WA C4 Bronwyn Angel "E"
- WA C4 Star Faerie "E"
- DA C4 Cambion "L"
- WA C5 Courtwind Angel "No", "L", "B", "Ne"
- WA C5 Divine Angel "N"
- DA C5 Tuatha De Danann "S"
- DA C5 Sidhe "C"
- DA C4 Cleopatra Djinn "I"
- WA C4 Fylgia
- DA C4 SB Baha'i Djinn "O"
- WA C4 SB Vegetable Lamb
- DA C4 SB Immortal: Aphrodite
- DA C4 SB Immortal: Qetesh
- WA C4 SB Caberra "M"
- WA C4 SB Fylgia
- DA C5T2 Incubus "V"
- DA C5T2 Cambion "D"

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